YIKES! Wax crayons on my car upholstery ..... This is how to clean it ---->

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Can you imagine the tragedy of having melted crayons on your upholstery? That's what happened to Jayna of Behind the Studio when she accidentally left some of her son's crayons in the car in the hot Texas sun. The crayons melted in the hot car leaving horrible stains and wax all over the back seat. The real kicker was that the car wasn't even her own car, it was a rental that she was using while her own car was being repaired. So needless to say she had a dilemma on her hands and thoughts of them charging her a super high cleaning fee. Like most people, Jayna called professional cleaners, but they were even doubtful that the crayon stains would come out. There are not many car seat cleaners that will take out melted wax, and since it's brightly coloured, who knows what kind of stains would be left on the light grey upholstery. Good thing for all the simple life hacks on the internet, otherwise, we would all be stuck on what to do.

Jayna took some advice to use a Mr Clean Magic Eraser which are known for being one of the most effective cleaners around. Plus, she already had some in her kitchen cabinet, so she was all set. If you use Mr Clean Magic Erasers, you know how great they are to have around. These things can do just about anything and play a part in so many simple life hacks and cleaning tips. If you have kids chances are you know just how handy these magic erasers can be, and you probably always have some on hand too. So if you've accidentally gotten crayon wax on your car seat upholstery, grab one of your magic erasers and get to work. This cleaning tip takes a while, but it's better than having stains on your car seats especially if the car is a rental. Jayna ended up using the bathroom scrubber magic erasers that have more product in them to get rid of really difficult stains. She began scrubbing with her magic eraser for 1-2 hours. Then, she allowed the product from the magic eraser sit on the stain overnight to work on loosening it up.

In the morning, she decided to scrub some more which is also what you may want to do too. Just keep scrubbing the stain with magic erasers until it fades away. You'll be shocked to see how well this works on such a difficult stain and like Jayna, you'll probably always want to have some Mr Clean magic erasers around. You can also make them at home with all natural ingredients if you're in the DIY mood. You'll use natural cleaning supplies like borax and baking soda. You will also need some sponges. Just mix up 1 teaspoon of Borax and 1 tablespoon of baking soda into 1/2 a cup of water. This will be enough for one natural magic eraser sponge. Put the mixture in a bowl and place the sponge in the mixture to soak up the solution. Then squeeze out the excess and use as needed. You will have to make these natural magic erasers whenever you need them though, but good thing it doesn't take a lot of time to make them. You're also able to reuse the sponge over and over again rather than throwing away the magic eraser after each use. Less waste is always a good thing. So thanks to Jayna, we don't have to take our cars into the professionals or use any expensive car seat cleaners, we can get stains out of upholstery quickly and easily with her cleaning tips.***

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