Wood Manor Play Houses come in pre-built OR plans and kits For the do-it yourself person

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This Queen Anne playhouse from Wood Manor Play Houses makes building a tiny house for kids easy. Plus it's just one of many mini houses from the Wood Manor Play Houses company. The company specializes in creating high-quality playhouses and mini houses for kids so that they can match your main residence creating continuity on your property. Once the kids are not interested in using their mini house as a playhouse anymore, it could be transformed into a garden shed or even a reading space or a studio. These mini houses are nothing like any playhouse you've ever seen, and they could serve as inspiration for building a tiny house or wood cabin of your own. The interior features a vaulted entry and even a faux fireplace mantle. There's also a small stairway leading up to a little loft area. The mini house will come complete with plexiglass windows and shutters as well as a 4-foot by 8-foot deck on the front. This particular model also includes a decorative bay window in true Victorian style. For the adventurous kids, you can add on a rock climbing wall or a slide to create a really fun place for them to enjoy. A slide costs $200 extra to add on, and the rock climbing wall is $275. You can also have a firepole installed for $150 and vinyl windows added in for $1,375 which would insulate it better.

The mini house has two bedroom areas which shows how much you can fit into a small space like this. If you are building a tiny house or wood cabin using playhouses like this one could just help you to see how much you can fit into a smaller space. While the company specializes in mini houses for kids like this one, they can also build larger structures as well. They probably won't build anything too large, but if you bring them your wood cabin or tiny house ideas they might be able to help you create something. If you were thinking of going with a Victorian style when you're building a tiny house of your own the Queen Anne, Victorian Castle, the Princess, and the Cottage mini houses would be great to look at for some inspiration in particular. The turrets and all of the great wooden details on these mini houses would be perfect for a tiny house on wheels or a small house on a foundation. If you're thinking more of building a wood cabin they also have styles like the Mountain Cabin, the Country Gal, and the Country Cottage.

The company started in 1978 as a children's toy and furniture making business but only a year into the business they built a cute playhouse for a trade show as a way to showcase their other products, and the playhouse turned out to be the star of the show and the start of their playhouse building business. Now they've built thousands of mini houses making many children's dreams come true, and you can get one to build for your own kids to make their dreams come true. However, if you're simply looking for inspiration for building a tiny house or wood cabins, looking at their designs and perhaps even talking to one of their representatives could help you out. Whenever you're planning a tiny house or a cabin starting out with the design is the most important first step to make. So gather ideas online and save them on Pinterest, so you have some references to go to when you're planning with a company or a designer. Check out all of the great mini houses and see which one you think is the cutest.***

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