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Borax is a common laundry detergent, but it can be applied to many other household tasks as well. Surprisingly, borax is as effective at getting rid of insects and cleaning floors or bathrooms as it is in refreshing clothing. The website, Simple Tips For You, publishes several articles on house cleaning tips and tricks, as well as DIY projects that you can try. Among their writings, is an article on what to clean with borax, which shows the numerous ways you can use it in your home. Once you see all the ways Borax laundry detergent can be applied in home cleaning, you will want to buy it and try some of these tasks yourself.

Borax is basically a mineral salt that is alkaline and has often been applied to different house cleaning measures in addition to being used in laundry. Since it is a naturally occurring mineral, many consider it to be non-toxic and completely safe, but that isn’t necessarily the case, although more research has to be done on that front. Overall, Borax is considered to be safer than the majority of household cleaning products and other laundry detergents on store shelves. Therefore, you might want to try some of the website’s, Simple Tips For You, tips for cleaning your home with borax. Borax is a favourite of grandmother’s in household tasks, and over time, has developed a reputation as a safer household cleaner as well. One of the first ideas the website gives is for how to use borax to get rid of ants and cockroaches. The borax is mixed with granulated sugar, which helps attract the insects, and when the mixture is consumed, it kills the ants and cockroaches due to the toxicity of the borax. During summer, this mixture will be a lifesaver when ants start parading into the home. Just make sure to keep this mixture out of reach of animals or children, since it may be harmful if consumed.

If you are looking to get rid of highly toxic floor cleaning products, a mixture of borax and dish soap may be a slightly less toxic cleaning solution for the home. This mixture can be used on tile or vinyl flooring, but it is best to patch test it on hardwood floors to make sure it won’t harm them. Borax is incredibly disinfecting and can be used in other areas of the home as well, like counters and appliances. Simply mix borax with some water, dish soap and vinegar, and use as an all-purpose household cleaner that will be able to sanitise many surfaces in the home. This mixture can be placed in a spray bottle and store in your cleaning cupboard until ready to use. Just spray the mixture onto the culprit surface and wipe the grime away. Since the smell of vinegar can be very off-putting, this mixture may not be the most appealing, but rest assured, it will disinfect all surfaces effectively. If desired, you could add some essential oils to the mixture to create a fresher smell.

In the case of rust stains, borax can be a helpful solution too. A paste of borax can be applied to rusted surfaces and allowed to sit for several minutes before wiping away. This can be applied to bathroom sinks or bathtubs that might have rusting on them or stainless-steel taps and faucets. If you have particularly dirty or oxidised baking sheets, this rust fighting borax mixture should be able to do the job too. For more house cleaning tips including ones with borax, check out the Simple Tips For You website. Thank you to the Simple Tips For You website, for sharing their cleaning ideas using borax.

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