What are Fat Bombs and Why Should I Be Eating Them?

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This no-bake treat is a healthy dessert recipe that will change the way you think about desserts. Fat Bombs are a no-bake treat that is loaded with healthy fats to help support thyroid health, boost metabolism, and increase energy. Dessert recipes are usually not thought of as being healthy, but this recipe changes that. With ingredients to include coconut oil, almond butter, and raw cacao powder to name a few, there are plenty of benefits to using these healthy ingredients. Some of the benefits you may get from coconut oil includes that they may help to boost immunity through anti-inflammatory properties, boosts memory and brain function, helps balance hormones and more. Coconut oil also contains MCT’s medium chain triglycerides which may help to rev up metabolism.

Raw Cacao is a healthy ingredient that you can use for your no-bake treats and healthy dessert recipes. Types of Raw Cacao. Raw cacao is chocolate that is in a nearly pure and natural form. Raw cacao is different from other types of chocolate because the enzymes in raw cacao are not compromised because the unroasted cacao beans are cold-pressed. At the same time, the cold pressing removes the fat from the cacao beans to create cacao butter. Raw cacao is an ingredient that can be found in several different forms. You will find raw cacao nibs along with finely ground raw cacao powder. These are common ingredients that you will find in all sorts of raw food bars and cookies. You can also find cacao butter in its raw form. The raw cacao nibs that you can buy are best when they are used as a supplement in raw chocolate smoothie recipes or other raw vegan food dessert recipes where they will be blended up. Using them like this will give you the greatest benefits from this healthy ingredient. The whole cacao nibs are an ingredient that is very hard to bite down on, so you probably won't want to eat them on their own. You can use raw cacao powder for dessert recipes, no-bake treats, smoothie recipes, and other drinks. Whole cacao nibs are very useful whenever you need some consistency with less grittiness than you can get from grinding the cacao nibs at home.

There is plenty of debate regarding the nutritional value of raw cacao. Like many raw food products you will find, raw cacao is said to have plenty of nutritional properties. Raw cacao is reputed to be able to improve heart function, lower cholesterol and reduce stress. Raw cacao is still chocolate, and there are still health concerns with eating a lot of chocolate. The healthy benefits of raw cacao are still questionable and is most likely not a miracle cure that ails you. It is still an ingredient that is recommended to help limit how much chocolate you eat, no matter if it's raw chocolate, dark, milk chocolate, or other varieties. Raw cacao is still healthier chocolate if used in moderation. Cooking With Raw Cacao. If you want to try using raw cacao to make your no-bake treats and healthy dessert recipes it's easier to use than you might think. A raw cacao chocolate shake recipe is possibly the easiest recipe to make, and there are plenty of other raw cacao dessert recipes to try. You might even think about making a dessert recipe for homemade raw vegan chocolate.

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