WARM AMBIANCE With Tin Can Lanterns bring relaxing ambiance to your outdoor space

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There is a certain rustic charm of tin can lanterns. This do it yourself craft is inexpensive and super easy to make and will bring a warm glow to any outdoor party. This tin can lanterns project to do is solar powered so that they will glow all summer long. For this do it yourself craft you will need a tin can, a solar path light, a sharpie marker, a power drill, epoxy adhesive, and some steel wire. For the full step by step instructions for this do it yourself craft you will want to take a look at the Hometalk site. Tin cans can be used for a variety of do it yourself crafts and projects to do. The best thing about using tiny cans is that they don't cost a lot of money, with the main material coming out of the recycling bin. The following are some fo the do it yourself crafts you can make using tin cans.

1. Fun Cans Fun Vases. Anytime you are working with flowers, such as daisies or lavender, you can be creative with your vases to add some personality and make them unique. One cost-effective DIY idea is repurposing a tin can. To make this DIY idea give the tin can a thorough washing before adding any flowers and water.

2. Birdfeeder. Make an inexpensive bird feeder with a coffee can. To make use rubber-gloves, remove the bottom of the coffee can, then spray the exterior of the can with some glossy, non-toxic spray paint in a bold color. Next, use a utility knife to help cut the coffee can lid in half, then place each half of the lid along the bottom of each open end of the can. Loop a three-foot section of rope through the top of the coffee can, and secure the outside of the birdfeeder to a branch, nail or a hook. Fill the inside of the coffee can to the top edge of each lid with some birdseed and hang.

3. Hanging Planter. This do it yourself craft brings a natural element to any area in the house with a repurposed tin can hanging planter. To make use a drill and a drill bit to add two holes along the top of the tin can, then add a thin chain through the holes in the can. Add some water to the bottom of the can, and insert the cut flowers.

4. Luminary. Play with light and shadows by making a homemade DIY idea for a luminary. Or, make more than one for your year-round parties. To make mark the exterior of a tin can with a sharpie marker, then puncture the holes along the traced shape using a power drill and a 1/8-inch drill bit. Once the entire design has been drilled with holes, place a votive candle on the flat, level surface, and then cover it with the tin can place upside down.

5. Night Light. Keep dark areas in the house dimly lit with this unique night light DIY idea. To make spray the exterior of the tin can with spray paint, mark the desired design or shape with a marker, then use a power drill and a 1/8-inch drill bit to help create some holes. Next, use a hole saw to help create space to insert the plug and the night light bulb through the back of the tin can before plugging it in. This diy idea is so easy to make and won't cost you a lot. You will find this do it yourself craft at the Hometalk site. On the site you will find DIY ideas, repair tips, projects to do, do it yourself crafts, garden ideas, cleaning tips, decorating, organizing tips and so much more. **

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