Toxic Free Way to Clean Tile Grout

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Clean Your Grout the Toxic Free Way. There are choices you can make when you are cleaning. You can purchase the commercial toxic cleaning chemicals that can be costly. You can also purchase household products to clean with. What makes you decide which route to take? Each individual makes their own personal life choices of what they want to put onto and into their bodies. You also make the choice of what type of cleaning agents you use for your household.

Advertising glamorizes cleaning and makes you believe if you use the product they are promoting, you can just pretty much 'spray it on' and 'wipe off' whatever you want to get rid of. There are those that study the impact of chemical and petroleum-based ingredients found in most cleaning products. The results we will not attempt to go into here. When it comes down to cleaning, some of the most effective cleaning solutions are inexpensive and multifunctional.

The grout cleaner we are featuring in this article uses hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. So let us just talk about hydrogen peroxide. This solution is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. It is a strong oxidizer. Typically this product is used when you want to clean a wound. When applied topically, the antiseptic causes a foaming action that works to combat any infection. The strong oxidizer in the product is why it is effective as a cleaning product. This product is relatively inexpensive. The main reason it is good to use on things like grout and flooring is because it is non-toxic to plants, people, animals and the earth. It is anti-mold, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew and anti-fungal. If you are going to use as a cleaning agent, buy in bulk for the best economy. If you opt for food grade hydrogen peroxide, it does not have the stabilizers in them, and you can use it for everything!

Please watch the You Tube video below to see how you can clean your grout with these two products.

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