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What if you could ditch your chemical toilet cleaner for good and swap it for an all natural solution? If you're like most people, you like to incorporate more of these natural cleaners into your cleaning routine, not only for the safety and wellbeing of your family, but for the wellbeing on the earth. Using harsh chemicals not only can be toxic to humans and pets, but it's also toxic to the earth and the animals out there. Parabens and sulphates have been shown to pollute water and are also toxic to the fish and other animals living in the bodies of water. If you look at the ingredients list on any of your chemical cleaners and even bath and body products, you'll find these ingredients on the list. You can purchase paraben and sulphate free products as well but they can be expensive, and sometimes you don't know what all goes into them either. The safest, most affordable thing to do is to create your own cleaning products from natural ingredients. Most of the diy ideas for cleaning products include items you may already have in your home. Things like vinegar, baking soda and even lemon juice are all amazing natural cleaners with so many great benefits.

So when you're ready to swap out your cleaners for natural ones, you can actually make your own natural toilet cleaner with this tutorial from Great Things First. This isn't a regular liquid toilet cleaner either, this natural toilet cleaner recipe creates toilet bombs which are similar to bath bombs, but instead of creating a nice bath for you, they'll clean your toilet. You drop them into the water just as you would a bath bomb, and they fizz up, and that fizzing action will help to scrub your toilet and break down any stains or residue in your toilet. All you need is some baking soda, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, white distilled vinegar and some essential oil. In place of fresh lemon juice, you can also use citric acid which is an amazing toilet cleaner, plus it's an all natural ingredient too. Citric acid is very acidic and will work at breaking down the stains in the toilet, even any hard water stains that may have accumulated. Then the vinegar also helps to break down the hard water deposits as well, and the hydrogen peroxide will kill any bacteria. The baking soda works as a great abrasive cleaner and will freshen the toilet too.

All you need to do is mix up the baking soda with the citric acid in one bowl then mix up the hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in another bowl. Mix the two together and add in a few drops of your preferred essential oils. Using fresh lemon scents in the bathroom would be nice, or maybe some lavender or mint. Once you have mixed the ingredients together really well to make a paste or a dry dough, you can start moulding your bombs. Use a 1/2 teaspoon to create nice little half rounds that you can tap out and place on parchment paper to dry out. Let them dry out completely, usually overnight will be long enough. Once you toilet bombs are dry, you can place them in a nice jar and display them in your bathroom to be used whenever needed. To use them, just drop one or two of the bombs into the toilet bowl and let it fizz up for a while. For really dirty toilets you can leave this soak for an hour or more. Then just scrub with your toilet brush, flush and enjoy the nice scent they leave behind.***

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