Three Homemade Cleaning Wipes Recipes

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These recipes for natural cleaning products for three homemade cleaning wipes recipes are easy to make and are the perfect thing to have around the house. These easy homemade wipes recipes are especially useful when you have children and pets around the house, and you need something quick and easy to help clean. These safe homemade cleaning products are easy to make, all you need to start is some quality paper towels, as you don’t want the wipes falling apart when they get wet. The three different homemade cleaning product wipes include a glass cleaner, bleach wipes, and cleaning wipes without bleach. Each recipe requires different ingredients that you may already have around the house. To make you simply mix the ingredients and pour over paper towels. It helps if you have a recycled wipes container to store the wipes in. Some of the ingredients you will need for these recipes for natural cleaning products include white vinegar, water, liquid dish soap and essential oils. Making your homemade cleaning wipes is a good way to save on money, and it's nice when you can make something on your own, you know all the ingredients that go into the product and can often add your favorite essential oils.

When it comes to safe homemade cleaning products for the kitchen countertops and kitchen surfaces you can also try sprinkling some baking soda with some liquid Castile soap added in to get your countertops, sinks, and tubs shiny. For a fresh smell, you can add a few drops of rosemary or lavender essential oil. To make a nice smelling homemade cleaning product for a kitchen rinse, you can add some of the essential oils into some water and pour into a spray bottle and store away in a cool dark place. You can use this as a final rinse after cleaning kitchen surfaces. For greasy dirt on kitchen surfaces and walls, you can wash surfaces with some washing soda in water. Use rubber gloves when you are using the washing soda solution as it can irritate the skin. For more stubborn grease you can make you own scouring powder by combining some baking soda with some washing soda and sprinkling on the grease as you would a scouring powder. You can also use white vinegar on a dishcloth to wipe away grease off of kitchen walls.

Another trick for cleaning grease off of countertops is to use grease. Using grease to clean grease is as easy as pouring some oil on the grease and wiping. Then put some soap on it and wipe up the remainder. You can also use some white vinegar, or sprinkle with borax and scrub with a scrubbing brush. Thank you to Kat and Melinda for sharing this homemade cleaning product for three homemade cleaning wipes recipes on the "Home Made Interest" site. This is just one of the safe homemade cleaning products you will find on the site. Other topics you will find include recipes, crafts, DIY ideas, printables, party ideas and so much more. **

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