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The Vermont Cottage A is a charming one-room wood cabin that features an open floor plan and high ceilings with a loft. This cabin building can be used for a variety of things to include a playhouse, vacation home, guest house, art studio, workshop and so much more. The Vermont Cottage Series are wood cabin kits that consist of 3 different basic building layouts and three different sizes to choose from. Wood cabin option A includes a four-foot porch along with the entire length of the bearing wall. Wood cabin option B of the wood cabin kit is entirely enclosed offering extra interior space. Wood cabin option C has a four-foot porch along the shorter gable end. All three wood cabin kit options include the interior loft. You will want to take a look at the Jamaica Cottage Shop site for the full details.

The post and beam style of building has been passed down through the centuries and have been used to build sturdy shelters. All of the wood cabins, sheds, cabin buildings, storage and garden sheds on the Jamaica Cottage Shop site are built of the finest Vermont lumber and handcrafted for durability and long life. Built in New England where the weather can really put a wood garden shed or small cottage home to the test, these products have proven to stand the test of time for strength. The post and beam method of wood cabin construction is a building style that relies on the use of high-grade heavy lumber to create beautifully open interiors. Post and beam build are celebrated for their structural durability and their environmentally preferable impact. The post and beam building method is designed to last for a hundred years or more if properly maintained. In a post and beam cabin building, there are fewer supports needed because of the strength of the lumber. This allows wood cabin and home designers to create expansive and open interiors. Timely Construction. The simplicity of post and beam wood cabin construction allows for buildings to be constructed quickly. Assembly is accelerated because there is a need for fewer structural joints overall. Moreover, the infill panels can be pre-constructed offsite and then added to the cabin building quickly.

Post and beam and timber framing construction are traditional building methods using heavy timbers. These traditional methods of building create wood cabins and cabin buildings using squared-off and carefully fitted and joined lumber with joints that are secured by large wooden pegs. Post and beam are commonplace in wooden cabin buildings from the 19th century and earlier. If the structural frame of the load-bearing lumber is left exposed on the exterior of the cabin building, it may be referred to as half-timbered, and in some cases, the infill between the lumber will be used for decorative appeal. The post and beam method of building comes from working directly from logs and trees rather than from pre-cut dimensional lumber. Hewing this lumber with adzes, broadaxes, and draw knives and using hand-powered braces and augers and other woodworking tools, framers, or artisans could gradually assemble a cabin building. Since this method of cabin building has been used for thousands of years in many parts of the world, there have been many styles of historic framing that have developed. These building styles are often categorized by the type of foundation, the walls, how and where the wooden beams intersect, the use of curved lumber and the roof framing details.

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