This Tiny House Comes with Its Own Porch Swing and Greenhouse

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You will want to take a closer look at this tiny house design located in South Carolina. The cabin building called the Elsa is unique to any other tiny house design you've seen. When at its destination, the tiny house design has a separate trailer that connects with it and has a greenhouse mounted on it. In essence, this two-trailer tiny house design setup that turns into one. The inside of the Elsa is just as impressive as the exterior as you'll see in the video. The Elsa is currently for sale at the time the video was uploaded. You'll want to take a look at the video of this unique tiny house design at the YouTube Tiny House Listings site.

You are sure to be surprised once you step inside the Elsa tiny house design, as it is contrast to the wooden exterior. Inside has a modern feel, with whitewashed walls, white kitchen cabinets and wooden and stainless steel appliances that give it a modern look. The nice thing about this tiny house design has stairs that lead up to the loft, which is a nice addition, especially for people who find it difficult to use a ladder. Underneath the stairs, there is plenty of additional storage for the cabin building. You will love the outdoor swing, perfect for enjoying your morning coffee and relaxing after a long day. This tiny house design has high ceilings that give it a spacious feeling.

There are several benefits to having a greenhouse cabin building. The most obvious benefits of having a greenhouse are of a longer growing season. Plants that are grown in a greenhouse aren’t subject to the same degree of temperature variations as plants that are grown in an outdoor garden. According to TLC Home, greenhouses work by helping to trap radiation from the sun inside the greenhouse, which results in the heat retainment in the building. The microclimate in the greenhouse helps gardeners to extend the growing season of plants that would not typically thrive in the colder climates found outside of the greenhouse. This allows people to purchase locally grown vegetables, fruits, and flowers out of season. A greenhouse offers protection from the elements. Weather is unpredictable, and even the best meteorological equipment isn’t correct 100 percent of the time. For gardeners, drastic and unforeseen changes in the weather patterns can mean death even for the most carefully tended plants in an outdoor garden.

Plants that are grown in a greenhouse are protected from high winds, blizzards, and dust storms. Also, plants that are grown in a greenhouse aren’t at the mercy of soil erosion because of flash floods or torrential rain. This gives gardeners the comfort of knowing that their plants will survive in bad information and also that they don’t have to race home from work to cover their gardens. A greenhouse gives the owner control over their produce. People without the benefit of a garden must purchase their produce from the grocery store or at a local farmer’s market. Commercial farms often use toxic chemicals and pesticides to improve the growing conditions of their crops and increase production. A study that was performed by the Environmental Working Group revealed that not only do trace amounts of these toxic substances pesticides remain on produce after its harvest, but about 5.6 percent of produce contains pesticides that have been banned in the U.S. You will find this tiny house design on the YouTube - Tiny House Listings site. On the site you will find tiny house designs, cabin buildings, small house living ands much more. **

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