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With all of the attention on tiny homes, it's no wonder that so many people want to live in a tiny house of their own. If you've been enamoured with tiny house design and you're thinking about small house living you might do well to stay in a few tiny houses before you settle on one of your own. Small house living isn't much different from living in a regular home, except for the fact that you have far less space. There are also some positives that come with living in a tiny house. Even though you'll have less space, you'll have lower expenses which means you'll have to work less and you will also have more time to do the things you love to do. So that backpacking trip around Europe can happen, or you can learn a new hobby or craft. Some people are choosing to downsize into tiny houses so that they can save money in retirement and so that they have less space to clean and take care of. Younger people use a tiny house as a stepping stone to be able to afford the home of their dreams without having to stretch themselves too much financially.

When you're planning a tiny house design one of the first things you'll do is decide on the design and floor plan for your own tiny house. This can be daunting with so many great tiny house designs out there, but if you keep your needs and style in mind, you'll be set to find the perfect design for you and your family. You'll also want to decide if you want to live in a tiny house on wheels, which is built on a trailer or in a tiny house built on a foundation. Tiny houses on wheels are mobile, while the ones built on foundations are not. Many people like the flexibility of the tiny house on wheels, but there is a lot of grey area when it comes to living in them full-time legally. A tiny house that is built to zoning and building codes can be a legal permanent residence whereas tiny houses on wheels are still considered RVs which are usually not legal to live in full-time. There are tiny house villages and some RV parks that allow tiny houses in them, but you'll have to check into the areas you're considering living in.

The best way to know if small house living is right for you is to spend some time checking out a tiny house before you take the plunge to live in one. You can stay in a tiny house like The Escape. This tiny house accommodation featured on VRBO is located in Orderville, Utah in the US and is close to Zion National Park. The owners of the tiny house renal partnered with East Zion Experiences which is a tour company that will give guests private tours with discounts. This tiny house design shows off some luxurious and modern finishes which will inspire your own designs. They went with a modern farmhouse style with some industrial style added in. Inside the home, there is a large kitchen with an island and all normal sized appliances. There's also a great living room area with a comfortable sofa and chair with a TV. The bathroom is very luxurious with a nice, tiled and glass shower. This tiny house not only has a patio out in the front but also a rooftop patio as well with hammock swing chairs. You have to check out all of the photos to see how cool this tiny house design really is.***

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