This OFF GRID SOLAR KIT includes all necessary bits and pieces to make things easy.

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Whether it's a small solar panel kit for your small cabin, or to power a whole house, this awesome Off Grid Solar Kit from Green Garden Chicken is worth checking out. These particular solar power kits offer 432 kilowatts of energy per month with a 12, 000 watt pure sine inverter charger with 120/240vac. In that package you get 12 - 240 watt solar panels, a 60 amp MPPT solar charge controller, 12 - 200 ah deep cycle battery, 100 foot PV female wire for solar panel, 100 foot PV male wire for solar panel, 2 - MC4 Branch 2F to M and 2 - MC4 Branch 2F to M, 6 - 15ft PV extension wire. There is also 8 feet of 6WG cable to connect SCC to battery bank, 8 ft 1/0 AWG cable set for the inverter, 2 - 2 ft 1/0 cable for the battery cables, 11 - 1 ft jumper for fuse kit and battery jumpers, and a 300 amp inline fuse kit. These are all of the components that are needed to collect, convert and store solar energy creating a sustainable energy solution for people who wish to be off grid. When you order an off grid living power system from Green Garden Chicken, it also qualifies for a 30% Federal Tax Credit.

This is a great kit to purchase if you need to use a normal amount of power without having to worry about running out. The power from the sun's rays is collected through the solar cells and hundreds of solar cells creates a solar panel. The solar panels from Green Garden Chicken are covered in glass that won't shatter or break, so that the solar panel is protected from the rain, wind, snow, hail and moisture. All of the cords mentioned above also have a protective sheathing on them to keep them from getting torn or broken when they're outside most of the time. If you need less power for a smaller home or off grid cabin, the 18 kilowatt off grid living solar power system might work just fine and it's only $1,159 US. Of course, this doesn't have as much power capability as the 432 kilowatt solar power package, but it would be fine to use if you use power sparingly at the cabin. As an affordable option, you could buy them a small set at a time and just get new components as you need them over a longer period of time so you don't have to spend so much money all at once.

Investing in solar power for you home is wonderful because you will end up saving so much money in the long run, and you will have the assurance that your power will always be available even in natural disasters. Of course solar panels work better in full sun, but they even do quite well in a cloudy area too as the sun's rays are still able to be absorbed by the solar cells on a solar panel. When you are mounting your solar panels, you want to make sure that you have them facing south or south west to get the best direct sunlight.

Some people put them up on their roof tops to get the maximum amount of sun possible. There are also mounting racks available for purchase on the Green Garden Chicken website, the solar power kit doesn't come with the mounting rack, but you can purchase them for extra on their website. Have a look at all of the great options they offer for off grid living. You can even purchase log cabins and houses from them to create your own little happy homestead.***

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