This Lancaster Log Cabin kit Sleeps 4 has a full bath and kitchen PLUS a porch starting at 23,900

Photo Credit: Lancaster Log Cabins

You'll want to take a closer look at this one-room log cabin from Lancaster Log Cabins. The cabin building is 11 by 15 feet, with a six-foot porch for a total of 165 square feet. The log cabin design sleep four people has a full bath and kitchen and is priced at $23,900. This log cabin building is just one of the wood cabin kits you'll find on t he Lancaster Log Cabin site.

Lancaster Log Cabins also has park model cabin available. Their park model wood cabins are a real rustic wood cabin on wheels. The park model wood cabins are preassembled at their shop on a trailer frame and are turn-key. It’s just like having an oversized tiny house design. Even though their Park Model Cabins are real wood cabins, they are still classified as Park Model RVs, so you are essentially getting the best of both worlds. These park model wood cabins are one of the only companies in the world who make a real park model wood cabin. Their Park Model Cabins are perfect for use as rental units, retirement homes, hunting or vacation cabins, guest houses, and in-law quarters. One benefit of these park model wood cabins is they are ready to live in or rent out the next day. These park model wood cabins are more rustic and appealing than other park model wood cabins. These park model wood cabins are also more durable and longer lasting and require little to no maintenance.

There are several advantages to wood cabin living, to include low maintenance, noise reduction, and energy efficiency. These cabin buildings have comfortable majestic appearance and charm. However, there are many people who say that cabin buildings are of short-term value and can be cold during the winter. Today the building standards that are used for cabin buildings are really high so that you will get a high quality, energy-efficient, comfortable, beautiful, healthy, and unique log cabin design. What is more, warm and sturdy wood cabins seem to be making a comeback with a lot of modern and great features to include heated terraces and skylight windows. What is more, the logs in a wood cabin have a great insulation efficiency which allows the heating and cooling units to keep the comfort level inside of the log cabin design. Wood cabins are found around the world. Wood cabins are popular cabin buildings found in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Scotland, Norway, Finland, South Africa, Thailand, and other countries. Wood is an excellent building material that is sturdy and natural. If you are interested in a healthy lifestyle, you should think about owning a wood cabin. What is more, wood is without any negative effects on the human's body. A wood cabin is a very comfortable and rustic place to live, and a great place for your friends and family members to meet and relax.

This is just one of the log cabin designs you will find on the Lancaster Log Cabins site. On the site, you will find a variety of park model wood cabins, camping cabin buildings, vacation log cabin designs and so much more. Lancaster Log Cabins have been in the wood cabin industry since 1990. You will find everything from a finished wood cabin on wheels to a larger vacation log cabin design. They pride themselves in providing quality wood cabins. They are a family owned business with Amish roots who believes in working hard and doing the right thing 100 percent of the time. Lancaster Log Cabins use real logs, with no fake log siding, and their wood cabins are more rustic and appealing than other wood cabins. **

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