This blue mixture is the BEST upholsterday and carpet cleaner that you have been hearing about ..

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This natural homemade cleaning product is the best upholstery and carpet stain remover you can make. And the good news is that you can make it using simple ingredients that you probably already have in your house. This natural house cleaner can be safely used around your kids and pets without having to worry about it being harmful. Making your own natural house cleaners is a great way to save money and know exactly what ingredients are going into your cleaning products. This natural homemade cleaning product uses liquid dish soap, white vinegar, hot water and baking soda.

The ingredients in this natural homemade cleaning product are sure to get the stains out of our carpet and upholstery. White vinegar is an ingredient that can be used in a variety of natural house cleaners. There are however some surfaces that you should only clean sparingly or in small amounts. If you are using vinegar for cleaning make sure to be careful with porous surfaces such as wood, stone, and grout which are susceptible to damage from acidic cleaners such as white vinegar. However, this damaging effect is mitigated if the white vinegar is heavily diluted with water or other natural cleaning ingredients. So you'll want to use your judgment when using white vinegar to clean surfaces such as hardwood floors, stone floors, and grout.

One of the things you can use vinegar to clean is the dishwasher. To clean you want to start by examining the drain. Pull the bottom rack out of the dishwasher and examine the drain area, making sure there are no hard chunks that can plug up the drain, which can damage to the pump or scratch your dishes. It's a good idea to check the drain on a regular basis for things such as bones, glass shards, and small pieces of food. To use white vinegar as a natural house cleaner in the dishwasher, place a dishwasher-safe cup filled with plain white vinegar on the top rack of the dishwasher. White vinegar will help to wash away any of the loose, greasy grime, sanitize, and help remove the musty odor. Using the hottest water setting on your dishwasher, run the dishwasher through a wash cycle. The dishwasher should be empty except for the cup of white vinegar. Next, you will want to do a wash cycle with baking soda. After the white vinegar cycle finishes, you can sprinkle a handful of baking soda around the bottom of the dishwasher and then run it through a short wash cycle using the hottest water. The baking soda sprinkled at the bottom of the dishwasher will help further deodorize your dishwasher and also help in removing any stains. This is just one other way that you can use both white vinegar and baking soda for homemade cleaning products. You are sure to love this DIY idea as it will leave your dishwasher squeaky clean and smelling great, and it will also eliminate any standing water issues. By practicing regular maintenance and using natural house cleaners, you will keep your dishwasher running properly and avoid pricey repair bills.

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1 tablespoon of dish soap

1 tablespoon of white vinegar

2 cups hot water

Baking soda (enough to cover the stain)


Sprinkle enough baking soda on the stain and wait for 10 -15 minutes.

Vacuum the baking soda off the floor.

Mix together the dish soap, vinegar, and water.

Use a clean cloth and dab the stain remover you just made on the stain. Don't rub, but keep blotting until the stain is removed.

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