The Very Best Ever Beef Stew

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Try this classic and Best Ever Beef Stew when you and your family need a rich and satisfying dinner. Plenty of beef and lots of potatoes and carrots make this a robust dinner for all. Add a salad and a fresh loaf of bread with plenty of butter to dip in to the fabulous gravy from this beef stew, and you will have everyone lined up to eat more. This is a recipe made from scratch that includes all the classic ingredients for a simple and hearty stew. Make it when the weather starts to get cold; stew is just made for fall and winter chills.

This recipe includes plenty of good nutrition in the meat and veggies. It is not particularly high in fat and the vegetables offer plenty of vitamins, minerals, and if you do not peel the potatoes, even fiber. So make a double batch. This beef stew will also freeze well, and you might like being able to pull out a meal from the freezer on a cold Saturday in January when all you want to do is go skiing. This recipe lets you prepare a great meal ahead of time that you can all enjoy when you get home. Add a pot of hot chocolate and marshmallows in to the mix, and it will be a great way to end the day.

The nutritional value of beef stew from this particular recipe is very high. The recipe is very high in iron, high in selenium, very high in vitamin A, very high in vitamin B6, very high in vitamin B12, high in vitamin C and high in zinc. Beef stew is a meal that has a very long tradition. At one point, a bread bowl was how the stew was served. You would eat the stew, and then finish up by gobbling down the bread, which, by the time you completed your dinner, would have sopped up all the gravy. Today, we think of bread bowls as an elegant and unusual way to serve up a dish, but it comes from a long history of practical application. Try this recipe soon. You and your family will love it. Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Mrs Happy Homemaker, by following the link below.

Nutrition Facts of the Best Ever Beef Stew from Mrs Happy Homemaker
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 6 servings * Per serving: Calories 500, Calories from Fat 130, Total Fat 14.4g 22%, Saturated Fat 4.3g 21%, Cholesterol 135mg 45%, Sodium 1582mg 66%, Potassium 1364mg 39%, Carbohydrates 39.5g 13%, Dietary Fiber 5.4g 22%. Sugars 6.9g, Protein 50.0g, Vitamin A 122%, Vitamin C 54%, Calcium 4%, Iron 168%

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