The Vacuum That Changed the Way I Feel About Vacuuming

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Vacuuming is one of those chores you either don't mind or you hate. If you happen to hate vacuuming the problem might not even be the chore itself, but the vacuum that's getting in your way. Maybe you have a heavy upright vacuum which is difficult to cart around your house, and if you have stairs, it's even worse with a heavy vacuum. Canister vacuums can sometimes be just as difficult to vacuum with too as the canister itself can be very bulky depending on the model of vacuum you have. Then there are light, affordable vacuums but they only seem to work for a year or so until they fade away and are rendered unusable. The technology of vacuums has definitely evolved since the time when the vacuum was first created back in 1901 by British engineer Hubert Cecil Booth and also American inventor David T. Kenney with Booth being the first to call it the vacuum cleaner. All of the parts and pieces of the first vacuum cleaners were heavy and somewhat bulky too, but after years of improvements, there are some pretty incredible high-tech vacuums out there, even ones that will vacuum your home on their own.

The most popular vacuums right now would have to be pretty much any vacuum from the Dyson brand. One of their most recent innovations is the cordless vacuum called the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum. Arlyn from Apartment Therapy writes about how much this vacuum has changed her cleaning routine and she has some cleaning tips for us when it comes to choosing the perfect vacuum since cleaning your home comes down to how well your vacuum works. When you're trying to clean your floors, it's pretty hard to wash them if your vacuum hasn't picked up all of the dust and dirt. It's also really hard to keep your carpets clean and dust free if you have dust building up in them. If you have pets, you need a really good vacuum to be able to pick up all of the hair they leave behind too. It turns out when it comes to cleaning any type of floor and cleaning up pet hair, Dyson vacuums are some of the best vacuums out there. They are quite affordable too and you can buy them at pretty much any home improvement store.

Since this vacuum is cordless it has a battery that runs for 20 minutes on full. So if you have a larger house, this may not be the vacuum for you, but if you just have a tiny house or a small apartment it may work just fine, plus you don't have an annoying cord to trip you up. It's also super easy to store which makes cleaning your floors even easier since you can get it and out of your storage easily. When it comes to cleaning out one of these bagless vauum cansiters, it's much easier than changing over a bag and it's much healthier too. You can throw away all of the dust and debris after each cleaning session rather than storing all of the dust for weeks before it gets thrown away. Cleaning bagless vacuum filters is also easy and it's a great way to keep your home dust free. When you are cleaning bagless vacuum filters usually you just have to run them under some hot water to get all of the dust out and then make sure they are dry before you put them back in the machine. Check out Arlyn's thoughts about this vacuum and read up on more cleaning tips from Apartment Therapy while you're over there.***

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