The powerful homemade recipe that makes all the mosquitoes and cockroaches fall dead immediately

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Depending on where you live you will have different pests to deal with, and some pests are more common than others. The cockroach and mosquito are two of the most common pests people have to deal with, especially in warmer climates or warmer weather. Mosquitos especially thrive where there is standing water where they can lay their eggs. Even places that have long cold winters are still prone to getting mosquitos in droves in the summertime, and they can make people want to stay indoors just to get away from them. Cockroaches thrive in homes where they can have a consistent supply of food to feed on. Both can be difficult to keep away and even more difficult to get rid of completely. Typically, cockroaches are seen in overcrowded areas or in tropical places. They are able to fit into pretty small spaces regardless of their size, and they are very hard to kill even if you try and squish them. Also, both of these pests can carry different viruses and illnesses and can infect humans and animals with them. So it's important to learn about what you can do for home pest control to keep these pests at bay. It turns out that there is a simple organic pest control solution that you can make yourself at home. Instead of using toxic pesticides and chemical repellents, you can use natural ingredients that won't affect your health poorly.

Many of the store bought chemical pest control sprays contain harmful ingredients that can irritate your respiratory system and give you headaches and brain fog. Using these sprays around animals can be quite unsafe too especially if they accidentally lick it. Good thing I Love Home Remedies has a great organic pest control spray you can make to do some home pest control of your own. All you need is some vegetable oil, shampoo and vinegar. All you do is get a spray bottle and put all of the ingredients into a spray bottle in the amounts that are listed on the website and then shake it all up to mix. When your organic pest control is ready to be used you simply spray it anywhere, mosquitos or cockroaches tend to be. You can use it in your house for pest control or use it for outdoor pest control too. You won't feel unsafe spraying it in your home since all of the ingredients are completely harmless for you and your pets. It's even great to use on your skin if you want to because it's all natural and it will keep the pests away from you.

Since cockroaches will usually return over time if you don't eliminate their nest, it's also important that you address the root of the problem too. This could include hiring a professional to come and take a look in your home for the nest and then destroying and removing it. You can also prevent attracting cockroaches by making sure to keep your home clean and clutter free since they like to hide. Make sure you always clean up any food after you're done making or eating it and be sure to store any food in tightly sealed containers or in the fridge or freezer. Don't keep food in your bedrooms either, since it's just more temptation for cockroaches. To prevent attracting mosquitos to your yard, try to make sure that there is no standing water in your yard. Dump out any containers that fill up with rainwater and cover up any rain collection barrels. With some persistence and patience pest control is possible, and you can do it naturally.***

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