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One of the best ways to know if you're ready to build a lot cabin of your own is to stay in a rental log cabin. You can also get a sense of what styles of small log cabins you like so you know exactly what designs to choose. Building a log cabin can be a lot of work, but if you go about it the smart way, and plan ahead, you'll be better off. So much of the home building process is planning and designing so you might as well have some fun with it and explore what you like and dislike. You need to start out with what type of log house design you want, and then everything else will follow. So by staying in a few different log cabins, you'll get a good idea of the different small log cabins you like and narrow it down to which one you actually want to build yourself. You may also determine whether you want to build your log cabin yourself from scratch, build it from a kit or have someone build it for you. There are so many great log home kits out there as well as some pretty amazing handcrafted log cabins and homes, so it's worth it to take your time and look around.

This log cabin featured on Booking is called the Little Log Lodge located in Chimney Rock, North Carolina. It's close to Lake Lure which is great for boating and water sports and also has a lot of log cabins available for rent around it. The cabin even has WiFi so you can stay connected online while you're away. The views of the mountains surrounding the property are breathtaking, and the patio gives you the chance to be outside as much as you like. They also have a TV there in case you feel like watching movies for a little downtime. In the kitchen, there are plenty of cabinets, a fridge, a microwave and a gas oven with a stovetop to cook on and make your own meals while you're there. So it just shows you that when you're creating your own log cabin designs you can either make your kitchen pretty rustic or you can include all of the amenities for cooking nice meals as seen in this cabin. This cabin also includes a full bathroom indoors which is great since many log cabins only have outhouses.

The cabin has one bedroom so it would be best suited for couples or a small family with one or two children. This log cabin shows that small log cabins have a lot to offer as long as their design is well planned and every space is well used. You could even build something smaller like this log cabin and then add on in the future if you needed to. Some people even build small log cabins like this one in their backyards to accommodate guests or to rent out to tourists. Most municipalities wouldn't consider this cabin to be suitable for full-time living or as a residence unless it were only lived in part-time. You need to check with your local city hall office for the zoning and building codes to see what the rules and regulations are. When you're building a small log cabin like this one, you'll also need to lay a foundation first as well which will cost extra in addition to the log cabin materials. Check out the photos of the log cabin from Booking and see some of the other log cabins they have listed to get an idea of some different log cabin designs.***

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