The Nostalgia Cottage is a 10 wide cabin for $ 40,000

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Check out The Nostalgia Cottage a cabin rental in a tiny home village in Marlin, Washington in the United States. There have been a lot of upgrades to this cabin that you can see like the custom blue door, barn doors and even a handcrafted stained glass window. This is one of the many small house designs that can serve as inspiration for your own cabin if you're planning on doing some cabin building of your own. If you're not going to be moving around too much, a larger small house design could work for you. So a 10-foot wide cabin would give you a bit more space than the regular 8.5-foot wide small house design. To be able to be towed without a special permit or license, your small house design needs to fit within the road regulations to be towed safely down the highway and other roads. This means that a tiny house on wheels needs to be a maximum of 8.5 feet wide, 13.5 feet tall and up to 30 feet long. If you're just going to leave your small house design on your own property, you can pretty much build it any size that works for you. You could even build it on a foundation which would make it more affordable and easier to build.

With a 10 foot wide cabin, you'll be able to have a full spacious bathroom on the main floor that could have a bathtub. Some small house designs also fit a nice bedroom on the main floor of the house as well which is great for those who don't want to climb ladders to get to their bed. In this small house design, they included an 8 foot by 6-foot bedroom with a closet in it on the main floor. This one can fit a twin bed in it, but if you need yours to be able to house a queen or double bed you can include that into your cabin building plans. You can also add storage lofts that can also be used as sleeping lofts. When it comes to cabin building, Tiny Portable Cabins doesn't really build two cabins the same since the floor plan, and design are all up to the customer. So you're probably interested in what comes in a standard small house package from Tiny Portable Cabins. You will get the custom built steel trailer which is the foundation of the small house design. You will also get the metal roof in your choice of colour, 8-inch cedar lap siding or any other wood they have, and tongue and groove subfloor.

When the cabin is being finished, they add in laminate flooring, linoleum in the bathroom, Pinewood on the interior walls and the ceiling to create a nice, warm and inviting space. To circulate the air, you'll also need a fan which is included in the base price of the cabin package. You'll also get a standard flush toilet, although if you're going to be going off-grid, you could opt to have a composting toilet as well. You can even have a shower and a tub or just a simple shower if you're not into baths. A 20 Gallon water heater will heat up the water for your hot showers and baths. There are more things included in the cabin package from Tiny Portable Cabins, but you can see the entire list on their website. It's just good to be clear on what is included in the base price of your cabin and what you'll need to buy extra when you're building it.***

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