The cutest tiny house cabin on wheels

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You'll want to take a closer look at this charming tiny cabin on wheels called the Independent Series 4800DL. This tiny house design has a kitchen, bathroom with shower, lounge/dining, king-sized loft, and ample storage. The Independent tiny cabin on wheels is the perfect design for the growing family, friends or parents when they come to visit. This tiny house design is great for holidays when you have too many people staying in the m ain house. All of the tiny house designs on the site can be custom designed to suit your needs. This tiny house design that sleeps two with one bathroom is priced starting at $57,500. Its simple design is modern and spacious, and the perfect place for small house living.

There are several reasons for owning a tiny cabin on wheels or tiny house design. You can benefit from owning a tiny house design for additional housing. If you need. A tiny house design could be used for an extra room for your growing family, extra housing for relatives or university students, a home office or studio, games or pool room, hobbies room, short-term holiday accommodation, nanny or au pair housing, or study room for a high schooler. You might also consider a tiny house design for residential and farm blocks. A tiny cabin on wheels can make a great temporary accommodation during construction of a new house design, and once the main house is completed you have a guesthouse for some extra space, or it can be relocated to another site. A tiny house design may be a way to live more sustainability and have less of an impact on the environment. A tiny house design can be accommodation on a rural block that has no building entitlement but allows for a caravan design. Tiny houses on wheels also work for vacation and holiday accommodation at a caravan park, which is a similar idea of that of a wood cabin. A tiny cabin on wheels is essentially a caravan with an optional annexe. A tiny house on wheels can also serve as a temporary accommodation on an agricultural site. And along with being versatile for all of your needs, a tiny house design is a good way to be mortgage free.

The Independent tiny cabin on wheels can be used as an off-grid accommodation. Designer Eco Tiny Homes can install a complete solar system, that is selected to meet your needs. They offer a wood-fire combustion heater for heating and can also incorporate a passive solar design for cooling. They offer a gas stove/oven for cooking. Additionally, you can consider a composting toilet installed, or other off-grid options can be discussed. Your rainwater can be collected into tanks. And when it comes to hooking your tiny cabin on wheels to power, the standard tiny home design runs on a solar/mains hybrid electrical system. The tiny cabin on wheels runs off solar with battery storage for the lights and a 15amp mains the power for the appliances such as a full-size refrigerator, television and more. The tiny house design plugs in with an electrical lead just like a traditional caravan. You can have more or less solar power if desired depending on your needs. The sky is the limit with a tiny cabin on wheels and the places you can go to and use your tiny house design.

You will find the Independent tiny cabin on wheels on the Designer Eco Tiny Homes site. On the site, you will find a variety of tiny cabins on wheels, tiny house designs, small house living, and so much more. **

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