The Best Way to Clean a Microfiber Couch

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Microfiber is currently one of the most popular forms of upholstery available, especially for arm chairs, sectionals, and couches. It’s durable, stain resistant, and inexpensive compared to other upholstery fabrics like leather, suede, and velvet. But what happens when your microfiber couch does get dirty? What’s the best way to clean a microfiber couch, and how can we do it without using heavy-duty chemical products? This article from Sonja over at “Pintester” gives us the full details.

But let’s first look at the pros and cons of purchasing microfiber furniture, to make sure it’s the right kind for you – and, if it is, to see what colours might work best in your particular household. Microfiber is an extremely fine man-made fiber. A strand of microfiber is tinier than a thread of silk, and a thread of silk is tinier than a strand of human hair. Typically, microfiber is made from polyamides like nylon, Nomex, and Kevlar, or polyester, or a combination of these materials. Microfiber can be used to make anything from mats and cleaning cloths to industrial filters and upholstery. Depending on the product, the size, shape, and weave of microfibers are chosen accordingly. For example, cleaning cloths consist of microfibers chosen for their ability to absorb liquid as well as their electrostatic charge, which helps them pick up dust. Microfiber upholstery often uses extra-soft fibers that are pleasing to the touch, adding to the comfort of the furniture. It can feel almost like velvet, suede, or ultra-suede, yet it’s a fraction of the price and will not wear out as quickly. You can also buy furniture with thicker microfibers that are shaped to resemble corduroy. These tend to be even more durable than the softer versions.

Although microfiber is supposed to be easy to clean, long-lasting, and can apparently hold up to frequent use without showing much wear and tear, there are still some down sides to dealing with microfiber furniture. If you have children or pets, or both, for example, then you might have to clean your microfiber couch more often than first anticipated. Many have learned this from experience and recommend you buy darker-coloured furniture when you have children or pets – chocolate brown, black, dark blue, or dark green can work well. The trouble with lighter colours like white, beige, gold, or cream, is they show every little stain and it can be very difficult to remove these stains completely. Another issue is the electrostatic qualities of microfiber, which will attract hair and dust. When you have lighter furniture, dog and cat hair can be a big issue. It can also be a problem if you’re wearing dark clothes because particles from these clothes will stick to your couch. Your best bet is to simply choose darker colours for your furniture and to clean it as part of your weekly house-cleaning routine for the best results.

If you have already bought your microfiber furniture and are wondering how to clean it, this article from Sonja over at the Pintester blog will be of great use to you. And, if you’re looking for more great housecleaning tips and tricks as well as DIY house cleaning projects, you’ll definitely want to visit this site.*

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