The Best Fried Rice Recipe

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If your experience with fried rice recipes has only been the greasy, overly-salty variety, then you will want to make this fresh, homemade version of the classic food idea. This stir-fry recipe uses soy sauce and fresh ginger for seasoning, but they are not so heavy that the vegetables get lost. You could eat this food idea every day and never get bored. You can enjoy this recipe all on its own for a healthy meal idea any day of the week. For this stir-fry food idea, you'll need vegetable oil, eggs, onion, carrot, ground pork, kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, grated ginger, garlic, frozen peas, white rice, low-sodium soy sauce, hoisin sauce, green onions and sesame oil. For the full step by step stir-fry recipe, you'll want to take a look at the Delish site.

The key to making a good fried rice to have cold day-old rice in the refrigerator. That will also mean one less step when it comes time to make this stir-fry food idea. With day old rice this stir-fry recipe will come together easily and will also guarantee the fried rice has the perfect chewy-tender texture. Next time you make rice just double the rice needed for food ideas, and you'll always have some left over in the fridge for this recipe. Make sure to fluff the rice up as soon as it's cooked and before storing it, or else the rice will solidify into a block. It's also a good idea to keep tasting the stir-fry as you cook. You're not looking for a crust on the rice or a particular color. The stir-fry is done as soon as it tastes good to you. Once done you can serve, there is nothing quite like a good bowl of fried rice, it is a deeply comforting food idea.

Some tips for making a good stir-fry recipe is to properly cut up the ingredients. To make a good stir-fry recipe you want to cut each ingredient to a uniform size. Cut the aromatics in the recipe and set them aside in a bowl. Finely slice, then mince, the ginger. Cut the vegetables in the recipe and set them aside as well. This healthy meal idea for stir-fry rice suggests using a large skillet, but you can also use a wok if you have one. A wok allows you to properly toss the ingredients and is always good for stir fries. When using a wok, you want to practice proper wok care after the wok is seasoned. Once a wok is seasoned it is hungry for fat, which means that it will soak up any fat you give it. This also helps to develop the seasoning on a new wok. You can cook anything that uses fat to include stir-fry recipes, deep-fat frying, cooking bacon, and more. Things you want to avoid with a wok include steaming, boiling, or poaching. You also want to avoid cooking with any acid such as vinegar, tomatoes, and lemons. These things are fine once you've been using the wok for a while, but can damage the delicate seasoning of a newly-seasoned wok. Woks go through different stages before they develop the deep patina and nonstick coating of a well-used wok. Woks can go through different stages, and at time the seasoning can look splotchy, develop rust spots or feel gummy. This is all fine. You want just to keep cooking with your wok, and the patina will slowly develop.

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