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Bread is such a comforting food and the main component of so many diets, it is hard to imagine life without it. Luckily, if you need to enjoy dairy-free foods or have chosen to eat vegan, you can still enjoy a slice of bread warm from the oven with this best crazy dough recipe. This bread includes many traditional bread ingredients, such as all-purpose flour, yeast and salt, but rather than milk, it utilises non-dairy milk, and instead of eggs, some oil is added for extra binding. Another amazing thing about this simple bread recipe is that it is multipurpose in that you can use it for different types of bread, like focaccia, dinner rolls or pretzels. The author of the Kitchen Nostalgia recipe blog wanted to create a dough similar to another crazy dough recipe which had multiple purposes, only this one she wanted to make accessible to vegans and dairy-free diets as well. If you would like the homemade bread served at your table to be enjoyed by all, too, this dough recipe will be the one for you.

Although the author of the Kitchen Nostalgia recipe blog mentions using non-dairy milk, they weren’t overly specific with what kind, as they wanted to keep things simple for the home cook. This way if someone has a nut allergy, they don’t have to be confined to using nut milk, and instead can use soy or rice milk. Whatever non-dairy milk is your favourite will do well in this delicious bread recipe. Once the dough is prepared, the author has instructions for freezing the dough which will elongate its life as the dough recipe produces a lot which can be used for several loaves. This would be excellent for whenever you are planning a big holiday gettogether, as you could get batches of dough in the freezer ready to bake off for the celebratory occasion. Also, whenever a sweet craving hits and you need cinnamon rolls fast, you will have the dough ready to roll out and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar before baking.

As with any bread recipe, the secret to its delicious taste is yeast, which helps to ferment and raise the dough. The author doesn’t specify any real resting time in this bread recipe, with the exception of the yeast activation time, so if you use the dough right away, it won’t have a ton of flavour. If you love the taste of sourdough, storing the dough in the fridge for the full storage time will give the finished bread that more fermented taste. If you intend to use the bread dough for homemade cinnamon rolls or homemade garlic bread where other flavours will be added, you can use the dough as soon as it is made for extremely delicious results.

If you decide you don’t need a full batch of this dough recipe, which the author notes make about four pounds and can be used in several dishes, it is relatively easy to scale down. That way you can have just what you need rather than having to throw unused dough away a few days later. The full batch of this dough recipe will be ideal if you plan to have a pizza party with the family where everyone can make their own pizza and top it with what they like. Consider serving pizzas at kid’s birthday party’s too by pre-rolling individual rounds and having a bar of toppings. Thank you to the author of the Kitchen Nostalgia recipe blog, for sharing their crazy dough recipe with us.

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