The Adorable Cabin Kit with Loft Is $17,500.00

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You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a nice, new cabin. The 3 room cabin kit with a loft is $17,500. This means you can build a log cabin for the price of a car. These cabin kits from Green Garden Chicken create nice small log cabins that can be used in a number of different ways. Small log cabins like this one could be used as a cabin in the forest to enjoy for vacations, but, it is also a nice size to put in a back yard to use as a home office or studio. Often, people will build a log cabin on their property as a guest cottage or a rental unit for a bed and breakfast. There are so many great things you can use these cabins for. The kits are created by professional cabin builders who manufacture all of the pieces to make the cabin, and then all the customer has to do is put it together when they receive their package. A cabin like this one could take as little as a week to build the shell. The cabin builders building these cabin kits are in Finland and Germany, and then they are shipped over to the United States to be distributed.

Log cabins originally came from Europe, and it was the Scandinavian and Swedish settlers who brought their craftsmanship skills and taught other settlers how to build log homes and cabins. Since Canada and the US were heavily treed like their homeland, they were able to create the buildings they needed to settle in a new land and create a new life for many European immigrants. So, where there was forest, there was the opportunity for cabin builders to build homes. It's said that back then, up to three or four men would venture out into the forest to cut the perfect trees, trim them and return to the building site to start to build a log cabin. Usually, they were one room cabins with a fireplace, and the cabin builders could build them in a couple of days. The small log cabins were probably about the size of the cabin kit you see here since smaller was easier to build, and the larger, multiple story cabins required a lot more physical labor. As the years went on, mills were developed where some of the work was taken care of by machines which made the processing of the log much easier.

Now, many log cabin and home building companies who make kits will use machines to manufacture the logs to be as uniform as possible. Of course, there are still handcrafted log home builders that create log homes and cabins the traditional way, and who do everything by hand. Handcrafted log home and cabin builders tend to charge more because they have to put a lot more work into creating the buildings or kits, but there are people who prefer the handcrafted look over the manufactured look. Both are absolutely beautiful, it really just comes down to personal preference. This cabin from Green Garden Chicken is 292 square feet, and it's outside dimensions are 16’3″ x 18’7".

The kit is made of Nordic Spruce wood, and all of the materials are included in the kit for the price listed. They even include the windows and the doors, but the furnishings will need to be purchased by the customer. Building a log cabin is a great hands-on project that provides you with a place to enjoy for many years to come. Enjoy looking at all the different options dome Green Garden Chicken.***

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