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Apple cider vinegar is an ingredient that boasts plenty of health benefits from boosting your digestion, lower heart disease, helps to control levels of blood sugar to name a few. Whatever your reasons you have for taking apple cider vinegar, it's not always an ingredient that is easy to swallow. This diy idea for this natural remedy has apple juice in the recipe that gives it a sweeter flavor and helps to mask the bitterness of the apple cider vinegar. These apple cider vinegar natural home remedies recipe is easy to make and may just become a part of your routine. For this easy to make natural home remedies recipe, you will need simple tools to include a wooden spoon, large saucepan, and silicone ice cube trays. The ingredients you will need for this natural remedies recipe include water, organic apple juice, apple cider vinegar and gelatine powder.

There are different types of gelatine you can choose when it comes to making this natural home remedies recipe. You might opt for a higher quality grass fed gelatine to make this DIY idea for apple cider vinegar gummies. Not everyone is exactly sure what it means for a product to be grass fed. According to the Agricultural Marketing Service of the USDA, the term of grass-fed is used with animals to include cows and sheep. For a product to be labeled as grass-fed, the animal must have only eaten grass, and nothing else for its entire life after the animal stops drinking its mother’s milk. The labeling standard for grass-fed also says that the animal must have had continuous access to pasture during the growing season. Grass-fed products simply mean that the animals have eaten grass and only grass. This label has nothing to do with being organic because the grass still might have been sprayed with pesticides. There are good grass-fed gelatin products on the market that you can find.

Types of Gelatin and Collagen. Gelatin and collagen that are used for natural remedies are often confused, but the products are slightly different. From a culinary perspective, gelatin is an ingredient that produces the gel effect in food ideas, while collagen is a product that does not. Collagen is an ingredient that can be more easily mixed into food ideas and drink recipes because it doesn’t gel. Gelatin Powder is best for your diy ideas and recipes such as marshmallows, Jello recipes or other DIY ideas. Collagen Powder. Collagen powder is best for mixing into hot or cold liquid recipes or even into food ideas. Collagen is an ingredient that is often used more as a supplement since it is so easy to mix. Marine Collagen. Marine collagen is a natural ingredient that works just like collagen powder. It is a great option for people who avoid beef and pork. Gelatin Recipes and Uses. Homemade marshmallows, DIY ideas for children's vitamins, and homemade gummy vitamins. Kids love homemade gummy vitamins; they are gut-friendly, inexpensive to make and customizable to your child. Store bought chewable vitamins are a product that usually has a lot of sugar, additives and dyes in them. Homemade chewable vitamins are a great DIY idea and alternative, plus your kids will get the heathy benefits of the gelatin in the recipe too. Homemade Jello. You can also use gelatin in healthy homemade jello with no sugar as a recipe you can customize with different flavors, add in some vitamins, or even use water kefir or kombucha as the base for vitamin and probiotic boost.

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