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When the weather starts getting warmer, you are sure to be spending more time outdoors. And it's no wonder with the trees budding, the flowers blooming and gardens to work on. One of the best garden helpers you can use is wooden pallets. Wooden pallets have a variety of uses and can be used for a wide variety of DIY ideas, and do it yourself home projects. Garden pallet projects to do are sure to let your green thumb shine without having to spend a whole lot of money. If you want to help spruce up your garden and your outdoor space, you will want to take a look at this list of pallet DIY ideas and projects to do. The following are just a couple of DIY ideas you will find on the site.

The Garden Pallet Organizer. Gardeners have been making use of free discarded wooden pallets to create useful projects to do for years. Many gardeners use wooden pallets for DIY ideas, and one of the most popular projects to do is to plant them. This garden pallet organizer is a good way to keep your garden tools organized so you can find everything you need. To start, you can make a little compartment at the top of the wooden pallet. Cut the top front board on the wooden pallet to make a door. Then cut pieces from another wooden pallet to make a top and bottom for it. Attach hinges for this do it yourself home project and use magnetic closures to keep the door shut. A simple black knob on the organizer door. The for this wooden pallet project to do, you want to brush the entire pallet with a metal brush to help remove dirt and any loose splinters. Next, you can take some white Kilz primer and dry-brushed the wooden pallet with it to give it a rustic weathered whitewashed look. Once that is dry, attach a plant pot strip. You can get some tool hangers from the hardware store to finish off this do it yourself home project.

Pallet Sofa. One of the most important pieces of furniture is the sofa. A sofa can make space look like a proper sitting room with a comfortable feel. When it comes to a sofa, you want something nice and comfy so you can sit on it and relax. Depending on the sofa you choose, they can get quite expensive. Outdoor sofas are just as expensive, and you may find yourself holding off purchasing one if it is out of your budget. The good news is that you can make a wooden pallet sofa by yourself or purchase the wooden pallet sofa for less cost. There are several benefits of making a pallet sofa project to do. Benefits of Pallet Sofa. The cushions on the pallet sofa are light and portable. Outdoor cushions are easy to wash. Wooden pallet sofas can be left outdoors. Pallet wood is a very strong building material which won't easily break the pallet sofa. Long lasting sofa seat. If you keep the wooden pallet sofa outside, it will look great on your outdoor deck. You can enjoy the weather outside with your comfy wooden pallet sofa. You do have to make sure that the wooden pallets are clean before you decide to make a wooden pallet sofa. And the best part is that your wooden pallet sofa doesn't need to cost you a lot, you might even find the wooden pallets for free.

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