Super Easy Trick to Stop Your Bathroom Mirror from Fogging

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It always happens. When you get out of the bath or shower, your mirror’s all fogged up and you can see yourself as you’re brushing your teeth. Did you know there’s something you can do about this? Here’s a super easy cleaning tip that will stop your bathroom mirror from fogging, and a few extra tricks in case you need to have more than one up your sleeve.

But, before you start cleaning your bathroom, you might want to know why the mirror fogs up in the first place. When you run hot water in the bathtub or shower, vapour is created. Vapour is formed from water particles that have evaporated into the air. When these warmer particles land on a cold surface – the mirror, for example, they condense onto it, therefore fogging it up. Whenever there’s water vapour in the air, there’s something called the dew point – this is the highest temperature at which the water will condense. You know when you’re outside on a cold day and your breath turns to steam when you exhale? It’s instantly condensing because the outside temperature is lower than the dew point. Fog doesn’t occur when the temperature is higher than the dew point.

You can try a little experiment yourself, to start out with. You could even involve your kids because it’s a fun way to learn about the water cycle. Start by running hot water in your bath for a few minutes with the bathroom door closed to seal in the steam. You’ll notice that the bathroom mirror fogs up. Now, air out the room and wait for the mirror to clear on its own. Next, run cold water in the bath for a few minutes, then run the hot for a few moments more, making sure the bathroom door is closed. You’ll notice that the mirror does not fog up this time. That’s because when you run the cold water first you are actually cooling the air in the bathroom. When you run the hot water after running the cold, the vapour will condense immediately in the cooler temperature – it will not make it to the mirror. This is one way to stop your mirror from fogging up. Another method is to open a window, if you have one in your bathroom, before and after you shower – cooling the air so the condensation process happens instantly. That way, the vapour never reaches the mirror, and it’s good to go immediately after you bathe.

You can also use another bathroom cleaning method that just take a few moments to prepare and it will keep your bathroom mirror steam-free for days on end, without having to worry about turning on the cold water or opening a window. It simply involves a bar of soap and a little elbow grease.

This fun bathroom cleaning hack comes to us from Debbie over at TGIF: This Grandma is Fun. For more cleaning tips and tricks and expert grandma advice from three veteran grandmas, you’ll want to visit this site.*

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