Stack Colorful cinder blocks to get extra seating and brighten up your garden

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Here is a great diy idea that will help you brighten up your backyard but it won't break the bank. There are so many great diy ideas online that you can try out in your home or garden and Hometalk is one of the best sources for do it yourself home projects. Diy ideas not only save you money, but they also help you put your own personal style into your home and yard as a way to personalize your space. Many diy ideas are also great ways to recycle and reuse items that might otherwise just be thrown away and pile up in the landfill. This diy idea uses cinder blocks which are abundant and affordable. They can be used for many diy ideas like making steps into your garage or home, or for planters and in this case, bench seating. DJ from Hometalk shares this diy idea that's really easy to make using cinder blocks. Instead of leaving the cinder blocks plain and boring, she encourages us to paint them up in beautiful colours to bring some style and colour to our yards. Then, she also shows us how to make seating in your backyard from these blocks too.

Whenever you're going to paint something while doing your do it yourself home projects, it's always best to prepare the item with a primer and sealer. In this case, since you're working with cement, you should use a cement primer so that the cement won't absorb all of the paint. Choose the colours you'd like to paint your cinder blocks, and if you'd like multiple colours. It would be so beautiful to paint them in rainbow colours, or even pastels. Neutral colours would also be great too. Use spray paint as it will stick the best to the cinder blocks and it's very easy to use. Make sure you do at least two coats of paint, so you get a nice, bright colour. Then, you'll also add 4 foot by 4 foot by 8 foot wooden beams to make the seating part of the diy project. The cinder blocks with the holes in them work perfectly for this diy project as you just put the beams into the holes and then line them up with the other cinder blocks on the opposite side to connect them all together.

It's best to use four cinder blocks lined up side by side to put the wood into, or you can also stack the cinder blocks if you like. Play around with different ideas to see what you like best. If you want the seat to be higher off the ground or you want to make a table just stack more cinder blocks. Then, it's also important to use some cement adhesive to secure the wood in place. You shouldn't need any screws or nails and no tools unless you need to cut your wood. You could also make a nice planter to place at the edge of your diy seating arrangement, or you could also create some storage underneath the benches to store your gardening supplies or kids toys. You can then add some cushions to make the seating more comfortable and to dress them up a bit too. This would be the perfect idea for a balcony since space is so limited and it would also be a great diy idea to make for a rental since you can take the bench seating apart and then bring it with you and reassemble it at your new rental. Enjoy this diy idea and plenty of other home diy projects from Hometalk.***

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