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If you are try your best to live healthy and want to be sure you are not eating toxic foods, this list of Secret Flavor Ingredients will come in handy. These Secret Flavor Ingredients are on even some of the healthier packaged foods that you might find in the organic food isle. Sometimes companies sneak these ingredients in by vague names that don't seem to be anything to worry about, but that can actually be quite toxic. Even products that say that they are natural or organic on the label, they are only required to have a certain percentage of the product be organic or natural. So these are also things to be aware of. When it comes to the foods we consume, eating the freshest, most natural food is always the best option. And if you are eating packaged foods, don't just look at the label on the front of the food and take their word for it. Food marketing and advertising can be fairly sneaky so as to get people to buy their product. The best advice you can take away is to always read the labels on packaged foods. The more ingredients in the food, the more likely it is that there will be something toxic in it.

But as you are reading the labels there will be some ingredients that you may not understand or even know what they are. Which is why this Secret Flavor Ingredients list from EWG - the Environmental Working Group, will be so valuable to you. The EWG is a non profit organization that is dedicated to bringing healthy life style tips and valuable information on the foods we eat and the products we use. They answer questions that we all have had, like what is really in our tap water? Or, what types of food have the highest levels of pesticides on them? The Environmental Working Group also compiles a list of the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen every year that you can download off of their website as a guide for which foods to purchase organic and which ones don't have to be organic. This list comes in handy for grocery shopping trips and you can print off the lists from your computer to take with you and use when you are grocery shopping. You could also make a list of these secret ingredients and have them with you as you go grocery shopping too.

So what are some of these ingredients you want to steer clear of? Theobromine is one of the ones that you might want to look for, as this substance is designed to give similar effects to caffeine, and has addictive types of qualities that make the consumer want more and more. It can be found in cereal, bread and chocolate. Also, be aware that natural flavours, don't always mean that these flavours are all natural. Sometimes these natural flavours mean that they are derivatives of the original food. Like orange flavour for example, only has to have a little bit of actual orange in it. Most of these ingredients are chemical. Check out the full list and get educated on these healthy lifestyle tips.*

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