Remove Stickers in Seconds - Find Out How

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Ever bought a bunch of amazing clearance items, only to realize that you need to scratch away at these impossibly adherent stickers? Not anymore - Jessica at Mom 4 Real shows you how to remove stickers in seconds.

Mom 4 Real is a blog that covers everything a home roomer could ask for. It has cleaning advice, decor tips, lots of DIY, delicious recipes, and of course tips for little annoyances that annoy in a big way like these pricing stickers.

Removing these stickers the old fashioned way - scratching them - will do no good. These stickers left behind sticky goo that will make drive you insane. Scratching, peeling, or even washing wont help - the good simply stays behind and just gets inside your finger tips. Its best to try to peel off the tip of the sticker, and if it wont go, then dont force it.

One way is to purchase industrial citrus based cleaner sprays that are designed just for this purpose. The citrus content is acidic, which dissolves the stickiness after some time. Then just wipe off the sticky goo with a towel. Or you can use alcohol, which is known to be a fantastic removal of many things. Whether you use rubbing alcohol or vodka, first dab some onto a towel and then wipe the sticky goo off.

There are a lot more methods for removing these stickers, but you should be careful that the material with the sticker might not be resilient to some of these techniques. For example the spray would definitely not be a good idea for books with sticky labels, and alcohol might melt some of the colors off of surfaces.

Jessica recommends an alternative oil based method. It is surprisingly easy compared to some of the other methods. To see the instructions, head over to Mom 4 Real website link below.

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