Remove black mold from toilet bowl, tank and seat

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One of the most common places to find mould in the bathroom is in the shower, but you may also find mould inside your toilet bowl. Mould is a fungus, and it thrives in moist environments which is why the inside of your toilet bowl is the perfect place for it to grow. There most likely reason you'll find mould in your toilet is if you've been away from home for a little while and you haven't flushed the toilet. Or if it's a toilet that doesn't get used a lot. Another reason is that the toilet hasn't been cleaned properly for a while. So when you see mould growing anywhere in your home, it's very important to clean it right away and to learn how to remove mould the proper way. If you don't take the time and precautions to remove mould the right way, you could end up spreading the mould around your bathroom and then to other areas of your home. Also, if you see mould growing anywhere else, you need to clean it up right away, and if it's filling a space more than 10 square feet in size, you should call a professional mould removal company to clean it up for you.

You will also want to protect yourself from the mould spores, especially if it's the more dangerous type of black mould. Either way, no mould is going to be good for you so you should wear gloves, goggles and a mask while you're removing it. You can use bleach to kill the mould, or if you'd like a more natural cleaner, you can use white vinegar and baking soda or essential oils like tea tree oil as an effective solution. Always make sure that you open any windows in your bathroom or close by while you're doing these cleaning tips. If you don't have windows in your bathroom turn on your bathroom ventilating fan to keep the air in your home flowing. First, flush the toilet with mould in it and drain out as much water as you can. Then, take some vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it all over the mouldy area. Let it sit to kill the mould and then flush. Keep repeating this until the mould is gone. Next, take a cup of bleach or vinegar and pour it into the toilet. Allow the bleach or vinegar to sit for 15 to 30 minutes to kill the mould. You can also do this in your toilet tank as well since it's susceptible to mould as well.

Then, flush the toilet and then spray again with the cleaning solution and scrub the toilet down really well. You can then pour some borax in your toilet to prevent mould from growing back and then throw away and cloths or rags you used and clean any brushes and disinfect them with bleach or vinegar. To keep mould away, simply make sure that you clean your toilet and your bathroom regularly. Use cleaning products like vinegar that prevent mould and kill it, so it has no chance to return. If you're finding that mould is growing all throughout your home, you may want to invest in a good air purifier and a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will take all of the excess moisture out of the air in your home so that mould will have less of a chance to grow. Also, routinely check for leaks in your roof and pipes and fix them right away to avoid having standing water. Try out these cleaning tips and more information on how to remove mould from Black Mould Control.***

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