Recipe for Homemade Kitchen Cleaners

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If you don’t love using toxic cleaning products, there are a series of homemade kitchen cleaners that can keep your kitchen in perfect shape despite all including safe, natural products. Whether you require cleaning wipes or an all-purpose cleaner, Ann, the author of Keeper of the Home lifestyle blog, has everything you need to maintaining your kitchen. She relies heavily on using baking soda and water to create some of her cleaning recipes, which are items in the home already. When mixed with liquid, baking soda forms a paste and can lift grease and dirt easily. Another ingredient that frequents in her solutions is vinegar, which is acidic, and therefore can sanitize surfaces. Both these ingredients are some of the best natural cleaning products.

Ann’s natural kitchen cleaners will save you a ton of money on toxic cleaning products and keep your kitchen gleaming like new. She has an all-purpose kitchen cleaner that can be kept in a spray bottle and used to clean up quick spills or wipe down surfaces after you have finished cooking. This mixture involves vinegar and natural baking soda, which will foam and act as the perfect solution for cleaning up stains. This mixture will also work well to wipe down grease and splatter stains on the stove. One of the most intriguing cleaning solutions is how Ann makes wipes herself. She uses square pieces of any fabric she can find, whether it be from old t-shirts or sheets, and puts them in a mason jar or leftover baby wipe container. They get submerged in a natural mixture of water, vinegar, and tea tree oil for an instant product to wipe up counters.

If you have trouble with drains getting clogged, which everyone does, typically products will have unappealing smells and be full of harsh chemicals to get the drains clean. Ann has a drain cleaner which is one of the most amazing non toxic cleaners because it works to break down grease that might be caught in the drain. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar get added to the drain and allowed to sit for a period. During that time, the baking soda and vinegar act to break down the clog. In a case where you would expect to have to resort to chemical cleaning products, it is helpful to know that natural kitchen products can do the trick just as well.

The kitchen is the most frequented place of the home and the place where food gets prepared, and therefore, it not only has to be sanitized, it also should also include natural cleaning products rather than chemical ones. You want everything your family is exposed to, to be safe for them. Thank you to Ann, the author of Keeper of the Home lifestyle blog, for sharing her ten homemade kitchen cleaning products with us. Check them out on her site, where you will be able to see exact ingredient amounts and other tricks and tips for having a clean kitchen.

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