Quick Release Tip To Remove Stuck-On Food From Cast Iron

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Cast iron is an amazing style of cookware that is growing in popularity among modern people. Cast iron skillets used to be one of the most popular but ended up falling out of favor because people found them overly heavy and difficult to take care of. The fact is that cast iron is among the easiest cookware to clean. Cleaning cast iron is easy because you can use abrasive materials on it without fear of scratching the surface. You also don’t have to use any soap; in fact, soap is deemed detrimental to the finish of a cast iron pan. The one area you may find difficult is cleaning stuck-on food from your cast iron pan. Food shouldn’t stick to the surface of your cast iron pan if it is well seasoned, but the result is that sometimes food gets stuck anyway. For those times, Sarah, the author of Life Should Cost Less lifestyle blog, has some instructions for how to clean a pan with burnt on food. She shows that cleaning food from a cast iron skillet is a super simple method that can be implemented while you are washing your other dishes.

While the best liquid dish soap is suitable for cleaning any other pot or pan, the method of how to clean a frying pan is quite different from cleaning a cast iron skillet. The benefit of cooking in cast iron is that it is non-stick due to the seasoned finish. You can tell if a cast iron skillet is well seasoned when you cook with it because the food shouldn’t stick. You can also tell that the cast iron is seasoned well by how shiny it is in appearance. If you are using your cast iron skillet correctly, the cast iron skillet’s seasoning should only improve over time, and not get worse. One thing that is detrimental to a cast iron pan’s seasoning is soap because it can pull the oil residue out of the pan, which forms the basis of the seasoning. For this reasoning, cleaning cast iron with dish soap is a sound no. All you have to do is rinse the cast iron with water after cooking and wipe out the food residue. It is always helpful to wipe the surface with a light coating of oil before storing as well.

For the times when food gets burnt on your cast iron skillet, the best cleaning method involves the stove and some water. There is no reliance on chemical cleaning products here, just water, which is among the best non toxic cleaners. All you have to do is heat the skillet on the stove, add water and allow it to simmer to lift up the food. This cleaning process is almost the same as a cooking method called deglazing, where liquid gets added to a skillet to lift the caramelized bits of food on the bottom.

Using water to clean cast iron is one of the best kitchen cleaning tips because it is so easy. Thank you to Sarah, the author of Life Should Cost Less lifestyle blog, for sharing her instructions on cleaning a cast iron skillet.

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