Never Scrub Your Shower Again-Here is an Easy Method that Works

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Is it too good to be true? Imagine, never scrubbing your shower again. What could possibly be the eco-friendly cleaning method for cleaning your bathtub, shower stall, shower doors, and tiles that works so well? It does work – we’ve tried it, and it’s so simple you’ll wonder why you’d never thought of it before. It doesn’t require any cleaners whatsoever – no commercial cleaners, no industrial cleaners, no natural cleaners, not even a splash of vinegar or dash of baking soda. To top it all off, this easy green cleaning technique doesn’t even require extra water.

Why is an eco-friendly cleaning method like this one so important? To answer that question, just take a look at the ingredients label on your favourite commercial cleaner to see what’s in it. What’s that? You can’t find the ingredients label? That’s exactly the point. You’ll see the product’s name, all the great things it does, and all the reasons why you should be using it, but you won’t see what’s in it. That’s a big problem because, in the case of commercial cleaner labels, what you don’t know can hurt you. United States federal law does not require manufacturers of cleaning products to list their ingredients as it does with beverages, food, and personal care products like lotions, creams, and cosmetics. For this reason, manufacturers are given free reign over the types of chemicals they add to their products, many of which can be toxic. When we don’t know what’s in these products, it’s impossible to make informed choices when selecting them. That’s why finding our own eco-friendly cleaning methods is so important. When we choose natural, organic house-cleaning ingredients, or even make our own, we know exactly what we are using and can rest easy – knowing that we’re not harming our health, our children’s, pets’, or the environment’s, when we use them.

Another thing to consider is your favourite commercial cleaner’s fragrance. The ingredients used to make it smell fresh, clean, and effective can actually be some of the most toxic ones of all. The International Fragrance Association, or IFRA, admits that there are more than three thousand different kinds of chemicals currently being used to create fragrances for cleaning products. Some of these might be totally innocuous, while others like eugenol and linalool are well-known allergens. Phthalates and synthetic musks can adversely-affect the endocrine system. When you make your own green cleaning products, you can add all-natural essential oils like rosemary, tea tree, lemongrass, or lavender to give them an organic, natural scent that will do no harm – or you can leave them completely scent-free. The bottom line is that you know what you are using, and you can clean your home conscience-free.

This life-saving DIY shower cleaning hack comes from Jena over at the “Involving Home” website, where you can find lots more awesome DIY home cleaning tips and tricks.***

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