Need some quick steps? These people found an easy way for about $100

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Does your home or garage need some steps leading into it? It's essential to have steps leading into a door, and it makes it so much easier to step in and out of a home or garage. Sometimes steps can be quite expensive though especially if they are made out of wood and metal. Luckily there are some great diy ideas online that will show you how to make your own set of stairs affordably and efficiently. This is one of the many do it yourself home projects from Hometalk, one of the largest diy communities. People from all around the world share their diy ideas and do it yourself home projects so that others can see them and try them out in their own homes and yards. You can find everything on Hometalk from diy ideas for storage inside your home to making your own amazing furniture. They also include outdoor projects like this one that will help you better your yard and gardening projects as well to make your home look fabulous. It's great to learn some diy ideas so that you don't have to pay professionals all the time. Professional landscaping can cost a lot of money, so by doing these do it yourself home projects yourself, you can save a ton of money yet still make your property and home look amazing. Usually, they will tell you how easy or difficult the diy projects will be so you can determine if you want to attempt them or not. Typically, the projects are quite easy though and can be done by one or two people.

Craig from Hometalk posts his diy ideas on how he built stairs leading from his garage out to the backyard. He searched for ideas online for stairs and thought he could come up with an easier way to build some, so he set out to build his own steps, and this is the project he came up with. He first drew up plans and thought that using cinder blocks to build steps would be a good idea. Cinder blocks are very affordable, and sometimes you can even find them for free. The diy stairs he built only cost around $100, and they were very easy to build so anyone who can lift cinder blocks should be able to build these stairs. It only takes a weekend, and if you have help, all the better. He has a complete video on the Hometalk page which nicely shows all of the steps you need to follow to build your own diy cinder block stairs. If you're buying the cinder blocks new, you can get them at any hardware store, but if you want to try and find recycled ones you can look in buy and sell groups in your area or at garage sales and building supply auctions or salvage yards. Some construction sites may allow you to have some too if they have a surplus.

You will also need some Quikrete Sand, some pea gravel, and construction adhesive. Basically, all you need to do is dig a shallow hole in the ground in front of the building and door. Then you tamp it all down to make it nice and flat. Next, you put down the sand and the gravel and spread it out evenly by tamping it down. You also want to have it sloping slightly away from the building so that the water doesn't run into the foundation. Once you have all of that in place, you can stack your cinder blocks to make the steps. Watch the entire video and check out the photos on Hometalk.***

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