Natural Remedies for Bed Bugs

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The world is facing a bed bug epidemic like never before. It could be caused by the increased amount of travel and also from buying used or thrifted items. Bed bugs are tiny, but they can cause big problems when they infest your home. A bed bug infestation can be a huge issue to deal with, which is why prevention is best, but if you find yourself in need of some bed bug removal tips, Organic Daily Post has you covered. Bed bugs survive off blood, and they mainly hide out in our mattresses which is why they are called bed bugs. They hide in other places too, but it's most likely that you'll find them hiding out close by your bed because they come out at night to feed on your blood. Even though they don't cause or spread disease like other pests such as ticks do, the bites they leave behind are itchy and can be painful. Plus it's not very comforting to think about these creepy crawlies on your body as you're sleeping. So first of all, make sure you take the necessary precautions to keep them out of your home in the first place by being very careful while travelling. Check your room for bed bugs if you're even the littlest bit suspicious and make sure you don't stay in any room that has bed bugs. Even if you only find one, there's usually always more where that one came from.

Also, if you're buying any second-hand furniture, make sure you do a really thorough inspection of the piece before you put it in your car and take it home. Check with a magnifying glass if you have to and don't take the piece home if there are any bugs on it. If you already have bed bugs, the best thing you can do that requires no cleaning solutions is the hot or cold treatment. You can kill the bugs with steam from a steamer, or you can wash your items with hot water and dry them on the hottest setting. Sometimes putting your items out in the freezing cold can kill the bed bugs and help with your bed bug removal process, but the temperature has to be below freezing in order for it to work properly. Having a mattress cover on your bed is really going to help save your mattress from bed bugs. Make sure you get one that mentions bed bug protection on the packaging and be sure it covers the entire mattress. Since another bed bug infestation is very possible soon afer you've done your bed bug removal process, make sure you put on the mattress cover right as soon as you've done the bed bug treatment on your mattress.

There are plenty of natural solutions for getting rid of bed bugs too, and Organic Daily Post recommends cedar oil which is completely non-toxic and safe. It also won't harm other animals either, but just keep pets away from it because they can be very sensitive to potent scents. Cedarcide is a bed bug infestation kit you can get that treats 4,000 square feet of indoor space. Tea tree oil and lavender oil also helps to get rid of bed bugs too. If you've tried a bunch of different bed bug removal techniques and they keep coming back, call in the professionals to help you out. They know exactly what to do and can help you with even the worst bed bug infestations. To help stop the bed bug epidemic, make sure to try out some of these simple tips and natural remedies for bed bug removal.***

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