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Tiny houses are taking over with so many people wanting to live in them or use them as vacation homes. Another great idea is to put one of these tiny houses in your yard as an accessory dwelling unit and rent it out. That way you could either rent it out full-time or part-time depending on what you wanted. While full-time small house living isn't legal everywhere yet, there are some places that are making allowances for it and many places that allow it part-time. Most tiny houses on wheels like this Napa small house design from Mint Tiny Houses, are allowed as part-time vacation homes. So depending on the area you live in, you could live in a small house like this for up to a certain amount of months. They apply the same laws as RVs get since tiny houses are the closest to RVs when it comes to build and size. So why not just buy an RV then? Well, simply because these tiny houses look and feel more like regular homes with regular appliances, furniture and finishings. So for those who would rather have a more comfortable space to live in a tiny house on wheels would be a great option. With Mint Tiny Homes, a company based in the Vancouver area, there are many different sizes and styles of tiny house to choose from, and each of them are able to be customized.

The Napa small house design starts out at $54,000 CAD for a 20-foot design, then for a 22-foot design it costs around $56,200 CAD to start, and a 24 foot one starts at $58,800 CAD. Just so you can get an idea of what a tiny house will cost to be built. Of course, you could also opt to build your own tiny house from scratch if you have a bit of construction experience and knowledge. Even if you don't have any experience, if you're eager enough to learn and try, you should be able to build a home of your own. You'll notice that the Napa small house design features beautifully bevelled cedar siding which is a great wood for a siding since it is very resistant to mold, rot and insects. They stained it with a nice oil-based wood stain, but you could also have your small house painted any colour you like. One of the other great features is the outdoor storage box that's on the side of the house. You can see that there are beautiful French doors leading into the home on one end. Having a larger entrance door is great for allowing more airflow into the space as well as light. You'll also notice in small house design that larger windows and glass doors make the small space feel larger than it is.

In the kitchen, they went with a propane cooktop that's been built into the countertop. There is one small sink to save counter space and lots of drawer and cabinet space. You will want to get rid of a lot of stuff if you're planning on moving into a tiny house on wheels. Small house living can feel cramped enough, but it will feel even more cramped if you have your home filled with things. So this is also where storage will come in handy. Always try and fit storage into every aspect of your small house design. Adding storage in the floor space is also a great idea if you can implement it. Check out this great small house design and see if you might be interested in small house living.***

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