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No two houses are the same, and that's the way it should be since no two people are the same. People have different needs and style preferences which can dramatically change the way a house looks and the overall floor plan. Even if you go with a prefab builder, you can usually still customize your small house design. Pocket houses are a great line of small houses that are not mass produced. These tiny houses are handcrafted right in Alberta, Canada with only a few being worked on at a time. The craftsmen put the same amount of detail into these tiny houses as they would into larger homes making them beautiful and unique. The only difference is that these tiny houses are much more affordable than larger homes. Pocket House has over 30 years of experience of building high-end homes in Alberta and BC, so they have a lot of expertise when it comes to building a custom home that's all your own. Another great thing about this company is that they use all sustainable, environmentally friendly products and building methods. Each home is very well insulated and tightly sealed which makes them very efficient and environmentally friendly. Their houses can be used as full-time residences and as recreational homes too.

They will work with you to build the tiny house of your dreams, starting out with helping you figure out the perfect small house design for you and your family. The, working with their craftsmen to deliver your beautiful home in a timely manor. This particular small house design is one of the models they've created before. It includes everything needed to make small house living very comfortable. There is a nice open concept living, dining and kitchen area with vaulted ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. The engineered hardwood floors make the small houses look so luxurious, and they will last for years. The countertops in the kitchen are real Quartz too, so there are no fake finishes in this small house design. That's the great thing about building a smaller home; you can use the higher end finishes if you want since you have fewer square feet to cover. So use all of your favourite finishes that might cost more to use in a larger home design. It's also a great chance to use sustainably sourced and locally sourced materials that may be a bit more expensive.

The master bedroom features a lot of space for a standard queen sized bed and bed side tables too. There's also a wardrobe added to the design to store clothing in and to place a TV on top of. The kitchen is a wonderful space with all high-end stainless steel appliances including a beautiful gas range that would be a dream to cook on.The bathroom features a large walk-in shower with glass doors and a low profile toilet and a sleek sink and vanity. The exterior of the home is absolutely beautiful too, very modern and stylish with interesting roof angles to create a very contemporary roofline. It appears to be finished in a metal siding which is very durable, affordable and attractive too. If you're interested in small house living, it helps to look at different small house designs like this one from Pocket House to see what style and size of tiny house you'd want to live in. If you don't mind going really small and want to be more portable, a tiny house on wheels would be a good option for you, while if you want something larger, you should go with a design like this one.***

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