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Have you been dreaming having your own private log cabin to retreat to? Having a quiet place to go and recharge our batteries is so important these days, especially if you live in the city and lead a busy lifestyle. The first step to getting the log cabin of your dreams is to start thinking about the designs and how you want to go about building a log cabin. You can build your log cabin yourself if you're willing to learn. Also, if you have some trees on your property, you could use them as building materials for your cabin. This is one of the sustainable ways to get materials for your cabin. Otherwise, always try and find materials as close to your property as you can to cut out the transportation. If you live in western Canada or more specifically in Alberta Knotty Pine Cabins features quick and easy-to-assemble cabins in a variety of sizes, styles and prices. They create beautiful pre-fabricated cabins that come with pre-assembled wall panels, roof panels, trusses and open-beam ceilings. They also come with one solid 36 inch entrance door and two slider windows as well as a metal roof in any colour you like. Their cabins also come with the hardware needed such as the screws, and bolts and a building manual.

The expert craftsmen at Knotty Pine Cabins developed some great floor plans for their small log cabins. They have a few different series of small log cabins with various options and sizes in each. This means that you can find the perfect cabin that will fit your budget and style. You can look through their photo gallery on their website to see some of the cabins they've created over the years. You can even call them and get a free estimate. Browsing through the photos and plans on their website will start out on the right foot. You can choose the plans that you like best, and then you can decide if there is anything you'd want to change about the plan you like. They can make any design changes to your log cabin so that it will be the perfect cabin for you and your family to enjoy. They have the smallest series of small log cabins which is the 12 foot wide series; then there's the 16 foot wide series, the 20-foot series and the 24-foot series. So depending on how much space you'll need, you can choose from those sizes. Usually, a smaller family or a couple will be able to be comfortable in the small log cabins, while larger families or those who want more space and luxury will want the larger models.

They began their family-owned company in 2007, and their head office is located in Edmonton, Alberta, but they deliver all over Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and anywhere else. They create beautiful, easy to assemble cabins with a very fast turnaround on all their orders with awesome customer service. Even if you'd like one of these log cabins as your full-time residence, you can do that with their cabin designs. You can even see that some of their log home designs can be very modern in style with clean lines and more of a contemporary appeal. Or, you can have the classic, rustic log cabin that will look much like traditional log cabins of the past. Start collecting your design ideas and save photos and ideas to show them as you start building a log cabin of your very own. Check out more of the photos on their website and contact them for even more information.***

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