Intructions on Removing A Dent From Wood

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It was so exciting a few years ago when I was able to renovate my home and I learned how to remove a dent from wood in the process. I learned a lot of other things too, of course. It took a lot of time, effort, and money, but it was so worth the work and cost. New doors were installed between the kitchen and living area that created light and openness in a room that had been too dark before.

When it came time to paint the doors, however, there were a number of dents, gouges, and visible damage marks on the doors. How they got there was anyone’s guess, but it was impossible to return the doors and so they had to be fixed. Wood is such a wonderful material, but it can suffer some pretty major damage, especially with little ones running around playing or when repair work is being done.

This method to repair dented wood is a valuable one for when kids decide to take a knife and write their name on your new wood door or when you accidentally kick a wooden door when your arms are full and you’re just trying to get in to the next room.

There are so many instances where we accidentally cause damage to the things we love, but many times the damage can be mitigated and sometimes even reversed. This method can return a damage dent to mint condition. All it takes is a willingness on your part to do the work to lift the dent in the door.

The materials that you need are probably ones that you already have at home. They include an iron, an old cloth or towel that can take heat from the iron, some sanding material and a few other items.

If you have a dent in a piece of wood, whether it is a door, table, bedpost or something else, why not try out this method today?

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