How to Use Ketchup to Polish Brass and Copper

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Do you have a lot of brass and copper lying around the house? Is it in pretty bad shape – like, is it totally green? If so, then it might be time to get polishing! There’s nothing quite as rewarding as polishing up old metals, as long as you know what you’re doing. Using a natural polish is always your best bet, too! Well in this YouTube video, you’ll find out how you can use Ketchup to polish your brass and copper.

What? Use Ketchup to polish my brass and copper? Are you crazy? Nope, it’s true! We’ve actually tried it ourselves with a few copper pennies and a bronze trophy, and we’re happy to say – not only does it work, it works really well! We think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. Still don’t believe us? Well then before you collect all of your copper and brass, why don’t you try it on a few pennies yourself. Just open your wallet and take out one or two, then go to your fridge and take out the Ketchup. Make sure the pennies are dark and dreary not bright and shiny, so you can see the true effects.

Okay, so squeeze a little bit of ketchup in a bowl, just enough to cover the two pennies. Toss in the two pennies and mix them around until they’re completely covered, top and bottom. Let them sit there for a couple of minutes, then start rubbing them with your fingers. Take them out and rinse them off in the sink. Voila! Clean pennies.

So why does it work? How can a condiment like Ketchup polish copper and bronze? The secret is the acidity of the Ketchup – it literally eats through the copper oxide coating that covers old pennies. Once that outer layer is removed, you have the shiny clean copper underneath.

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