How to Safely Clean Your LCD or Computer Screens

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Everyone has a computer or television screen in his or her house that gets dirty and requires cleaning. If you are wondering, ‘how to clean my computer,’ there are some necessary pointers to consider before getting started with your computer or television cleaning. Firstly, Amee, the author of ‘Inspired Housewife’ lifestyle blog, provides several things that you shouldn’t do when cleaning your computer screen or television screen because they could damage them. Secondly, she explains all the things you should do to safely cleaning your TV screens and what can you use to clean computer screen.

Ultimately, if you are wondering ‘how can I clean my computer?’ the first thing to consider is never to use anything abrasive on the screen, and this applies to any television screen as well. This means that you shouldn’t use harsh paper towels, toilet paper, or hand towels when cleaning your computer screens. An alternative would be a soft microfiber cloth, which you can purchase from Amazon, but you should also be able to locate them at any store that sells electronics, like Walmart or Staples. Another unique cleaning cloth you could use is one that you would traditionally use on your eyeglasses because they are designed not to scratch lenses. While a microfiber cloth will do an excellent job at cleaning fingerprints and dust your computer screen, you will have to take some additional care when cleaning the edges of the screen, and Amee recommends using a cotton ball or swab to accomplish this. Both are soft and won’t cause any damage to your screens while having the ability to get into hard-to-reach places on your television or computer screen.

You may not think about ‘how to clean my computer,’ as you would with a TV screen, but the fact is that you are on your computer most days and cleaning computer screens can increase the efficiency and life of a computer. For one thing, a dusty computer screen can cause the screen to fade over time, and this is especially true of LCD screen computers. By continuously cleaning your computer screen, you will also limit the amount of dust that will collect in the hardware, which can damage hardware components and cause a reduction in the lifespan of your computer. When cleaning your computer screen, it is also integral not to spray cleaner directly onto your machine, because it may damage your computer screen or inside the monitor if you add cleaner in excessive amounts. Amee also provides a recipe for a safe and efficient household cleaner involving water and alcohol. Cleaning your computer or television screen will never be as easy as wiping the screen down with a microfiber cloth and a touch of the safe and reasonably priced, alcohol cleaner.

Although you may not think about cleaning the screens of your electronics, Amee makes it clear why it is a necessary endeavour to undergo and provides exceptional instructions for how to safely clean your LCD screens. Thank you to Amee, the author of ‘Inspired Housewife’, for sharing her easy methods on how to safely clean your computer and television screens. **

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