How to Remove Water Stains From Wood: 6 Tricks to Try

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Does it sometimes feel like you spend your life cleaning up spills and working in vain to remove stains from everything from clothing to carpets? Well, here is a little help on how to remove water stains from wood: 6 tricks to try that may make your life a bit easier.

The beauty of wood is hard to beat. Whether you leave it natural, stain it or even paint it, the weight and luxury of wood comes through. It can often be expensive, too, and so we want to treat these special items with extra care. Wood coffee tables and end tables are long lasting pieces of furniture that can stay looking great longer if we keep them clean and shining.

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Wood can be so finicky for a material that is also as strong and enduring as it is. There are some products that are so useful we should all keep them under our kitchen sink or perhaps in a box labeled, 'emergency cleaners', so we can grab and use them whenever we have a spill or problem clean up. Some of these materials include baking soda and vinegar.

Baking soda is a mild abrasive and vinegar is a mild astringent. Together they can solve pretty much every problem you might have. Other materials that can be lifesavers include salt and toothpaste, which work in ways similar to baking soda and vinegar. Petroleum jelly is another common product that we can use for many things beyond our dry skin. Wax in general can come in handy in many different ways in the household.

Go to the Reader's Digest website for tips on how each of these products can save your coffee table from the rings that water puts there. You will be happy you did.Find out about this how-to and many others at the website, Reader's Digest, by following the link below.

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