How To Remove Rust Stains Naturally

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Rust stains can be so annoying and difficult to remove without the use of toxic chemicals or other similar cleaners that you might prefer to not have to use or even keep in your home. Here is how to remove rust stains naturally so you can feel better about what comes in to your home and the smells and chemicals that your family is exposed to.

Many cleaners today are made without toxic chemicals and are even organic in nature. But they can cost a lot of money, or just not be something that you want to buy. Making your own cleansers at home can be a great alternative and provide you with complete knowledge and control over what comes in to your home and what kinds of things are being used there. That can be a real comfort for families that have children with sensitivities or where you may just be trying to ensure the best for your family.

The gift of lemon cannot be overstated. Lemon is the most fantastic fruit. It is delicious to eat and use in fresh desserts and fabulous dinner dishes. As well, though, it can be used to scrub stubborn stains. That is the case here. You can make a blend of lemon juice and salt and make a scrub that will help you get rid of those stubborn rust stains around the bathtub tap. Just create a paste and put it on the stain. Leave it a few hours before coming back to give the area a good scrub. And your bathroom will spell lemony fresh.

You can also use lime instead of lemon, but in some parts of the country lemon is cheaper and more readily available. Either way this process will leave your bathroom smelling good enough to eat!

Cream of tartar blended with vinegar is another paste you can make to remove stains and rust from your bathtub and sink. The slightly acidic combination is great to get rid of those stains. And it is harmless and cheap and easy to make up.

When it comes to stains and natural cleaners, sometimes you do have to make a decision about how much you are willing to live with. Sometimes only toxic chemicals can remove really tough or longstanding stains. But if the areas is clean, perhaps that is enough, and you can live with a little bit of staining if it means that you and your family are not exposed to potentially troublesome chemicals.

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