How to remove odors in virtually any space. This DIY odor remover is a quick, easy and inexpensive fix

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Getting rid of odours in your home can sometimes be hard to do. You can do your cleaning routine every day, but smells are coming into your house all the time. With the dog, cooking, garbage, personal odours or the bathroom, there's no shortage to the source of smells in the home. Cleaning every week is a great way to minimise odours in your home, as well as cleaning the garbage out whenever there's a strong odour. Of course, cleaning our gym bags is also really important to keep odours at bay. You can try and get rid of the smell by spraying air fresheners, but usually they just simply mask the odour with a strong scent rather than eliminating it. Plus, those sprays and deodorizers can be filled with tons of chemicals that aren't good for your health, or for the environment. Some of the potential allergens of commercial air fresheners can be benzene, formaldehyde, styrene, and phthalates. These are not good to breathe in or absorb into your skin. You can make your own air freshener sprays with diy ideas from the web.

Most of the all-natural air freshening sprays are made with essential oils and distilled water. If you use therapeutic essential oils, your homemade sprays will be completely safe to use in your home, and the essential oils will even enhance your home environment. Essential oils have amazing benefits that can positively affect our overall health and wellbeing. You can even use essential oils in your all natural homemade cleaning products. Some diy ideas for cleaning products include mixing one part vinegar with two parts water in a spray bottle and then add in 12-24 drops of the essential oils you like. For an uplifting, energising scent, mix some orange essential oils with some mint oil. For a calming scent, mix lavender with some eucalyptus. This is one of the cleaning tips from First Home Love Life that includes essential oils. Chrissi teaches us how to make some cool odour removers for our homes using some simple, natural ingredients that you may already have in your home. Finally, an odour remover that will actually work.

All you need to make these odour removers is some pantyhose which you can find for cheap at the dollar store, some baking soda and some essential oils that you like. You're going to make a little sachet from your pantyhose, so cut about six inches of pantyhose off the bottom including the toe part. Take a mason jar and secure your pantyhose toe over the mouth of the jar with an elastic band to keep it in place. Then scoop some baking soda into the pantyhose until it's full, but be sure to leave enough pantyhose at the top so you can tie it off. Before tying it off, add in your essential oils, just a few drops should do the trick. Then tie a knot a the top and put the ball anywhere that needs a bit of deodorising action. You can put them in your dirty laundry bins, by your dog's bed. In your smelly shoes or even by your bed. Some other cleaning tips to keep your house smelling nice and fresh is to make sure you're cleaning your bedding at least once a week, and be sure to vacuum often as well. You can also open windows to let some fresh air in, and make sure to do laundry regularly. Check out Chrissi's blog, First Home Love Life for more awesome cleaning tips and cleaning diy ideas, and try these diy deodorising balls out to see how well they work in your space.***

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