How to remove moss mold and mildew from patios and outdoor surfaces

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Finding mould inside your house can be very frustrating, but it's equally as frustrating to find it growing outside in different areas of your property. The most likely place you'll find mould growing outside is on your concrete patio or on your deck if it's not treated properly. Besides mould, there's also mildew and moss that can grow on different surfaces in your outdoor area. Mould, mildew and moss can also start to grow on any furniture you have outside too. No matter where it's found a home in your outdoor area, you'll probably want to learn how to remove mould as easily as possible. You will learn not only what kills mould safely and naturally, but also how to remove it and keep it from coming back. These cleaning tips use natural ingredients that you may already have like white distilled vinegar and Borax. Depending on how bad the mould on your concrete is, you might have to do a few applications of these solutions. But with some work and persistence, you'll see that the mould will be gone, hopefully for good. So what kills mould? Well, many people think that bleach is good for killing mould, and it is, but it doesn't really remove it completely if you just pour some on it. You have to also clean up the mould spores that are left behind to make sure it doesn't grow again.

For this tutorial on how to remove mould, you'll need a bucket, a large bottle of white vinegar, Borax, water, scrub brush, a hose with spraying attachment or a pressure washer. First of all, hose down the mouldy area with your spraying attachment on your hose using the strongest jet setting, or with a pressure washer. Then make your mould remover. In a bucket, just mix a half a cup of vinegar with a half a cup of Borax in warm water. Then take a clean sponge to put the cleaner directly on the mould, or pour it in a spray bottle to spray it on the mould. Focus on one area at a time to prevent spreading it around. Allow the solution to sit on the surface for at least 20 minutes or more and then put on some gloves and start scrubbing with the brush using more of the cleaning solution if need be. Once it's been allowed to sit for a while, use the hose or the pressure washer once again to blast off the mould and spores. This is best done on a day that the sun is out shining because the sunlight will actually kill the mould spores too and prevent them from growing back. Most likely, the mould is allowed to grow on these surfaces because water has been allowed to pool and sit, creating a good place for the mould to take hold. So to keep it away, you're going to want to keep these surfaces dry as much as possible.

You also want to keep an eye on the mouldy area after you've cleaned it up and clean it regularly, especially if it's rainy outside. You can use the cleaning solution you made and spray it on once a week to keep the mould away, and if you start to see any mould growing, get out your scrub brush and do the cleaning process again. If you have mould growing on your fabric patio furniture, you can also use this cleaning solution. Just spray it on and scrub with the brush and rinse it out with your hose and then allow the furniture to dry in the sunlight to kill any more mould spores. Try out these cleaning tips and get rid of that pesky mould.***

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