How to REALLY Get Your Baking Sheets Shiny Clean

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Whether you are an avid baker or enjoy the simplicity of sheet pan dinners, chances are you have experienced the unfortunate events of blackened baking sheets and built on grime. These baking sheets can be difficult to live with, leading many to spend money buying new ones. Luckily, the website, Wrapped In Rust, has published an article detailing how to get baking sheets back to usable condition again. They provide three easy methods for cleaning baking sheets and one measure to prevent baking sheets from getting blackened in the first place. With the website’s collection of easy cleaning instructions along with photos, everyone will be sure to have more shiny baking sheets in the future.

The one preventative step that can be taken to prevent excessive build-up of grime and reduce future cleaning time would be to always line baking sheets with parchment paper or aluminum foil. Lining baking sheets will limit contact with food, and therefore, you won’t have to spend as long cleaning baking sheets after use. Of course, these aren’t surefire ways of keeping baking sheets clean, since meat juices from roasting can run underneath, but lining baking sheets before using is an excellent way to limit clean-up if not eliminating it entirely.

If you are wondering how to clean pots and pans, the answer is baking soda and water. Natural baking soda goes hand-in-hand with baking sheets already because of its use in baked goods, but it is a helpful cleaning solution as well. Baking soda can lift grime, which is why it is considered the best of natural kitchen cleaners. Baking soda will work as a cleaning product on kitchen surfaces, oven racks, roasting or baking pans. Square baking and loaf pans have the potential of becoming dirty as well, but if you are wondering how to clean a pan with burnt on food, baking soda will clean those too. Simply dust the baking sheets with baking soda and scrub with an abrasive sponge. The baking soda should remove most of the baked-on grime, but in the case, it doesn’t, Wrapped In Rust, provides two more cleaning methods for getting your baking pans and sheets shiny and new.

Baking sheets and pans are some of the most used items in the kitchen, but it is helpful to know that when they are difficult to clean, there are easy cleaning processes to undergo which can save them. Instead of purchasing new bakeware, consider following some of the website, Wrapped In Rust’s, cleaning solutions to renew old baking products. The website’s instructions will help save you money and restore old items rather than having to throw them out. Even if these cleaning methods don’t remove everything from the baking sheets, there is some charm to having well-worn baking equipment in the kitchen. These steps would be helpful for those who adore antique bakeware and want to bring them into usable condition again as well. Thank you to Wrapped In Rust, for sharing their instructions on how to get baking sheets shiny and clean again.

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