How to Make Your Slow Cooker Clean Itself!

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Every person who owns and cooks in a crockpot know both the convenience of having a meal prepared for end-of-day as well as the dread that comes with cleaning it. For all their benefit, the long cooking time of slow cookers means that food gets baked on easily and becomes tough to clean. The best thing to preventing an overly challenging time cleaning a crockpot, of course, would be to clean the crockpot right after use, but the fact that it retains heat for so long makes it difficult to clean right away, and often it gets left until cooled. For those times when your crockpot is well beyond normal cleaning, you can follow Sarah’s YouTube video from the blog Life Should Cost Less. She provides an easy cleaning strategy which will be less effort on your part, while the slow cooker does most of the work.

The best thing about Sarah’s cleaning solutions is that she uses a variety of eco friendly cleaners. The products that she uses are simply water, vinegar, and baking soda, which are all household items and not destructive to the environment. Moreover, they are non toxic cleaners, which means you don’t have to worry about them coming in contact with the food you and your family consume. The benefit of using baking soda with vinegar is that there is a chemical reaction that helps lift the stains. Sarah shows in the video how it is necessary to add the baking soda a little at a time so that the crockpot doesn't overflow, but it also allows for multiple chemical reactions to take place, which helps lift crud from the crockpot. Afterward, she heats the crockpot mixture overnight which helps lift everything else and makes cleaning the crockpot extra easy.

Baking soda and vinegar are excellent natural kitchen cleaners and can be used for natural cleaning solutions through the entire house, too. They are particularly beneficial to cleaning kitchens because they are both food safe products, and in fact make their way into several recipes. They are also inexpensive, cut through grease and can sanitize. Anywhere in your house that requires some freshening up, you can probably use baking soda, vinegar or both as part of the cleaning task. Consider using baking soda to clean pots and pans or vinegar to shine up faucets and showerheads.

Using baking soda and vinegar in a crockpot is one of the best household cleaning tips because it is entirely hands-off. Similar tips can be applied to cleaning any difficult-to-clean kitchenware. Consider simmering burnt pots and pans on the stove with the same mixture until all the stains lift, or use a gentle oven to simmer the mixture in grimy casserole dishes. Even if you have utensils that are challenging to clean, you can place them in a larger dish or pot and simmer until they are clean. Thank you to Sarah, author and video blogger behind Life Should Cost Less lifestyle blog, for showing us how to make your slow cooker clean itself.

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