How to get your gross plastic containers clean again!

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Plastic containers are excellent for storing leftover foods or packing lunches for work or school and cleaning them is usually very easy requiring just some dish soap and hot water. In some cases, though, plastic containers can become discoloured to the point they are unappealing looking and need to be thrown out. Rather than discarding your plastic containers, there are ways of bringing them new life with a simple cleaning product. The author of My American Confessions lifestyle blog discovered that household bleach is an ideal for cleaning plastic containers that are seemingly beyond improvement. The bleach might be something you already have on hand for heavy-duty cleaning jobs around the house so you won’t have to buy anything new to return your plastic containers to new condition.

The benefits of liquid bleach in the home is undisputable from how it helps turn clothes whiter to how it can sterilise household surfaces. Unfortunately, liquid chlorine bleach is also gaining an ill reputation as a cleaning product because it is also highly toxic. In the case of stained plastic containers, using the bleach can be a huge help, though, and since these containers don’t get stained very often, you may only be required to use this cleaning tip once every few months or once a year. If you are still concerned about the toxic nature of bleach coming in contact with your food storage containers, there are other ways to help remove discolourations using natural ingredients. Natural baking soda is a great nontoxic substance that is also excellent at whitening teeth or clothing or cleaning other areas of the home. If using bleach isn’t your ideal, you can try using the blog’s method, but combine baking soda and water instead of the bleach and water. Baking soda may not be as effective as the My American Confessions blog’s recommended use of bleach, but it will be a great deal safer for human consumption since it is a common food product anyway.

If you choose to go with the bleach method, it will do wonders for cleaning both your containers, as well as your microwave. A combination of water, dish soap and bleach are combined in the plastic containers and allowed to boil in order to remove the challenging stains. At the same time, the steam from the liquid helps loosen stains on the sides of the microwave so you can wipe them down and make the interior of your microwave look good as new. The bleach can often leave an unappealing taste in plastic containers after employing this cleaning method, and that may be another deterrent to using it. Luckily, there is an easy hack that you can use to remove the smell and taste of the bleach after you have finished cleaning the container. Simply fill the container with some water, add some baking soda and allow to sit overnight. The baking soda will help eliminate the unappealing taste and smell without much effort on your part, and you will have fresh smelling containers once again.

Once you have tried using bleach to remove unappealing and unsightly stains from your plastic containers, you will want to keep it in your back pocket for future times when your containers become too difficult to clean once again. Even though bleach is a toxic substance, its effectiveness in this regard can’t be disputed, and it won’t need to be often used as long as you keep on top of maintaining the containers in between. Thank you to the author of My American Confessions lifestyle blog, for sharing their instructions on how to get your plastic containers clean again.

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