How to get paint out of clothes

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You will want to find out about this little trick that should get dry paint out of clothes, and since the jacket was machine washable, this diy idea should get it clean. This simple life hack is 99 percent effective and is definitely worth a try. Since you already have paint on the piece of clothing, you don’t have much to lose. All you need for this DIY idea and simple life hack is a wet cloth, some 91 percent Isopropyl alcohol also known as rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush. To start using the wet cloth to get the area that has the paint wet. You don't need to get it soaking wet, just be sure to dab it with the wet cloth until the fabric is wet. Next, you want to saturate the paint stain with Isopropyl alcohol. For the full step by step tutorial, you will want to take a look at the Tidy Mom site.

After you launder your clothing that has been soaked in Isopropyl Alcohol, you may want to give try cleaning washing machine with vinegar. Cleaning your washing machine with vinegar may seem like one of those cleaning tasks that don't always make sense, but it is something that has to be done. The whole point of a washing machine is to clean your clothing and your washables, so you might think that it's pointless to clean this appliance out. The truth is that your beloved washing machine can be a perfect hiding spot for mold and mildew. So, you want to clean it every now and again. You can clean a top loading or a front loading washing machine with some white vinegar, but they need different amounts of white vinegar, and each requires a slightly different process. You will want to follow the process for your specific washing machine. Cleaning your top loading washing machine is quite simple, all you need is some white vinegar and some cleaning cloths. Start by setting your washing machine to its hottest temperature, the highest capacity and the longest cycle. Then add four cups of white vinegar to the hot water, close the lid and allow the machine to agitate for several minutes.

Front load washing machines are a relatively new home appliance that has quickly gained popularity for their efficiency and cleaning abilities. Despite all of the benefits that these appliances have to offer consumers, there is one common complaint that seems to plague many owners, and that is stinky laundry. Wiping down the interior of the washing with cleaning solutions, using extra detergent or running everything on the longest, hottest cycle does nothing to help dissipate the odor. However, there is one simple life hack and diy idea that will not only eliminate the issue, but it will also keep your washing machine in tip-top condition. HE washing machines use less energy and less water which in turn results in more mold, mildew, detergent residue and buildup in your washing machine. Some washing machines have a separate cleaning cycle as an option, so use that if your washing machine falls into that category. If not, all you need is some white vinegar and a little bit of time. The best way to clean your top loading washer is simple, start by selecting the hot water setting. Add about 3/4 cup of white vinegar to the bleach dispenser or fill to its max level. Then allow the cycle to run completely.

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